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Butt Plug Play

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Butt Plug
First, let me describe this particular toy. It's made out of rubber - firm but somewhat squishy to the touch. It's kind of a purplish-blue color. It's a little longer than your middle finger and it's shaped like a stubby finger but thicker towards the bottom. Then it narrows down to a ridge with a flattened end so it can stand up by itself. The idea of the ridge and the flattened end is so that it stays in place easier and doesn't get buried completely - explain how that happened to the emergency room nurse!
So, first I lube it up good with Liquid Silk and put a little on and in my asshole, and then I'll set the BP down next to the bed. Usually, I'll jerk off it bit before using the BP. I'll be lying on the bed, propped up against the headboard with pillows. My legs are bent and my right leg is laid over to the side to I can get better access to my dick.
I'll put some lube on my cock and a little on both nips. Then I'll begin stroking my dick and caressing my tits in unison with right hand. The sound of the lube as my hand slides up and down my stiff cock is very stimulating. My nips are like rocks and my cock is throbbing. My cockhead is glistening with precum and lube. Mmmm...feels so good baby. I wish you were sitting next to me watching. It's so goddamn hot to have you watch me jerk off, honey.
After I've gotten good and hot, I'll insert the BP. Sometimes I like to watch by putting a cosmetic mirror on the bed between my legs. To put in the toy, I'll lift my right leg and hold the BP in my right hand. Reaching around my leg, I'll gently push the BP in and out just a bit to get my asshole lubed up. It's fun to watch it going in and out of my ass. Slowly, I'll push it up to the end, where my asshole closes around the ridge on the bottom.
Even though the ridge is supposed to hold the toy in place, it's naturally pushed out as the muscles contract with the stroking. So I'll put down both legs on the bed and press them together to help hold the BP in as I continue jacking off. The toy presses up against my prostate gland and this feels somewhat strange and erotic at the same time. Just pressing on the prostate can cause ejaculation, so this is an added bonus.
Now I can't easily push the toy in and out as I jack off (not enough hands!) and that's what I found feels best when you slid your finger up my ass...mmm...delightful baby. So the best stimulation with the toy is to move around so that it stimulates my asshole and presses against my prostate. So what I'll do is sit on the edge of the bed. By sitting on it, the plug stays in place and in goes in even further. I move back and forth and that feels good as it pushes it against my gland and asshole.
I look down and watch my dick as I beat off. Sitting up, my balls hang over the edge of the bed and are pulled up and down as I stroke my rigid dick. I'll touch my tits, rock back and forth on the butt plug and stroke in unison.
It doesn't take long before all this stimulation results in a momentous orgasm!!! I watch as my cock spews out gobs of creamy white jizz, straight up in the air. My ass muscles constrict in waves as I cum and push out the plug, so I lean back and let it slide out to the floor as the spunk hits my belly and falls into my pube hair. Whoa...so exciting...
God...I love to jack off. The only thing better is to have you enjoy it with me.



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