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Sleeping Over Lisa's House

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I'm Maria and I am fifteen years old, quite a thin girl with long blonde hair and nothing much in the way of boobs. My friend Lisa is about five inches shorter than me at five foot one, and is a little chubby and very curvaceous with some huge boobs! We only met about two weeks ago when she moved down from up country and joined my school. We got on really well and I invited her to sleep over last friday. This was fun and so last night she invited me to sleep over at hers. We watched DVDs and ate masses of popcorn before deciding to go to bed about this time but 24 hours ago - that's quarter to two in the morning!
I was originally supposed to sleep on a mattress on her bedroom floor, but her mum said it was too draughty so me and Lisa would have to share her single bed. We were ok with that - it's not like it's wrong or anything, to share a bed with a friend. So Lisa undressed into a tight silver nightdress and I slipped on a soft blue blouse way too big for me; it was all I could find in the rush to get to Lisa's! She got into bed and under the duvet first, and I clumsily clambered in afterwards, turning off the light as I did. Typical of gawky little me I slipped, and fell face first into her chest! Being the giggly little girls that we are we just laughed and didn't really think a lot of it. In fact we ended up chatting about how huge I thought her breasts were and she let me touch them. I was thrilled in that I could feel what big breasts were like, having none of my own in comparison (32a isn't a lot you know). We both really enjoyed it, and we agreed to undress and just touch each other - I think we were both getting a little bit wet.
Basically we just rubbed each other between the thighs for an hour or so, and we got to the level where we even had a few orgasms each - I had five and she had seven! We're not in love, just best friends who like to make each other feel amazing. We don't know if we should try anything further just yet but we have planned another sleepover for a bit more of the same. Might write after.
Cheers for some really inspiring stories by the way people, I'm only on this late tonight because I just found the site and everything in it - I've never really masturbated much so last night and reading this is a new and exciting thing for me! Thanks Solo and everyone, and Lisa!



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