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End Of Term Parties

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It happened! Yay! 


End of term party, and one of many this week and next. 

Kate Lives on my floor. She is tall, dark hair and green eyes. At the party she had a little too much to drink. She wasnít out of her head drunk, but was definitely at the silly stage. She realized that enough was enough and drank cola from then on. 

As the evening wound down, I think she found she was a little more drunk that she thought as she was having trouble walking. Again, not falling down staggering, just unsteady on her feet. 

So I walked her back to our hostel. I liked having my arm around her and feeling not only her bare waist but also the top of her panties above her skirt. 

We went to my room and I made her a strong black coffee. She seemed more herself after it, but was still giggly and silly. I got to the 'canít keep my eyes open stage', and she saw it. She asked if she could stay with me. No problem, my room has a large single, or narrow double....depends how you look at it. 

I dropped my jeans took my top off and put my long t shirt on. Kate took her top and bra off, and then dropped her skirt revealing a very sexy lace edged thong. Then she just hopped into bed beside me and instantly crashed out. 

It felt lovely being in bed with her and inhaling her (slightly sweaty) scent. I dozed off too, but not before I put my arm around her and ďaccidentallyĒ copped a feel of her boob. 

I dozed off with a definite throb between my legs. 

With two of us, and typical,college room heating, around 2:00am I took my sleep shirt off. I did it on autopilot I think, but whatever, when I woke up in the late morning, something felt odd. 

That something was Kate. I was lying on my back with my left arm around Kate and she was gently kissing my left tit! Kissing it, licking a little and sucking the nipple. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuckety fuck fuck FUCK! Instantly, I flooded my panties. I didnít want her to stop so I pretended to still be asleep. In the end I couldnít handle,it and let out a small moan. Kate instantly stopped and looked up at me. She asked if it was ok. I couldnít even speak....I just nodded. 

She kissed my boob, then leaned over and kissed the other one and then kissed down my tummy oh, soooooo slowly until she got to my panties. Then she kissed over them. I knew they were a mess....lots of dancing last night, and I was horny all evening, plus this! It didnít seem to matter to her though. I let her open my legs as she kissed right down to the crotch. By now I was dripping. Then she gently eased my panties off and dropped them on the floor. She eased a finger into me and that almost did it right there. How I stopped myself from cumming I really donít know. 

She found my clit and her tongue danced a perfect ballet with it. Meanwhile, I let my hand slip up between her legs. Higher and higher until I came to her crotch. This was it....my first girl girl. She was as wet as me and my finger slipped inside her as easily as hers did in me. 

Just knowing I was fingering another girl was enough. I came hard. Afterwards, she lay down beside me and held me close. She asked me if it was my first time and I admitted it was. Bless her, she said I didnít have to do anything that I didnít feel like, and I was worried about going down on her. Itís one thing to imagine it, but quite another in real life. 

I eased her thong off and did the same as she did, kissed down her tummy to her mound and then, as natural as anything, my tongue was between her wet folds and she was arching her back. I felt her pussy grip my finger which told me she was close and a few minutes later I made her cum in my mouth. 

So question answered, then. Iím bi! I made us some coffee and we talked.....holy moley, we talked and talked about sex. She likes cock too but hasnít had any for ages. We talked about things weíd like to do, and itís funny, isnít it, things that Iíve never really thought about just popped into my head. I told her that Iíd like her to watch me masturbate....not like in the library that was little more than just teasing....but full on, making myself cum in front of her. She in turn said sheíd like to try anal with a boy someday, but also told me she loves having her bum fingered. (Iíll have to think about that).

I also said Iíd like to watch a couple fuck, not join in...just watch.

Finally, I guess she knew the talk had got me horny again, she asked if Iíd like to let her watch right now. Well, why not? 

I settled myself on the bed, leaning back into the corner with pillows behind me and I spread my legs. I took a banana from my fruit bowl and pushed it slowly in me and began fucking msyelf with it. I was getting there, but I needed something more so I asked her to just call me dirty names....like Iíd heard from my next door neighbour. She had called herself dirty names and as I think Iíve said, dirty words really help me. Kate was wonderful. She watched my reactions, and seemed to know when to time the next word, and how strong it should be.







And that did it. I came hard, clenching around my banana (itís always nice to have something inside to contract around).

Kate dressed and left shortly after, although there was a damp patch on my sheet where she had been sitting. My room smelled of sex too. I lay down again and drifted off into a nice, satisfied sleep.

When I woke up, just after lunchtime, I tidied my room and was delighted to find Kateís thong still on my chair. Itís under my pillow now, but I donít think Iíve seen the last of her.



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