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Skin Check

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This was by far the best ever


I was sitting in the waiting room for my fourth annual skin check at the dermatologist office. My name is called by a new nurse, one I had never seen in this office. I was first here four years ago on the constant nagging of my mom. She came home one day and saw me out sunning myself by the pool. I was home from college that summer and had just turned 19 years old. She came out to make sure I had sun screen on and when I did not answer her, she thought something might be wrong. I had fallen asleep only minutes before she arrived back home. She walked over to where I was laying out and she saw the mole on my back. She wanted me to get it checked out and kept after me until I did.

That first year the doctor told me that I would have to return each year to get it rechecked. I had hoped to move away, thus getting out of having to return year after year. The nurse introduced herself as nurse Kim and instructed me to enter the third exam room on the right. Once in the room she asked me what brought me in to the office today. I told her about the annual check of the mole on my back. She asks me to remove my t-shirt so she can get a quick look at it.

Nurse Kim then says the nurse practioner scheduled for my exam today requires all patients to undergo a complete full body skin exam. She asks me if that is okay with me, as if I had a choice of required skin check or some other option. I agreed to the exam as nurse Kim tells me to remove my pants and socks and take a seat up on the exam table. She continues going thru the paperwork facing away from me. I removed my pants and bend down to remove my socks when she starts to walk out of the room. She stops dead in her tracks and says that most people leave their underwear on for this exam.

I stop what I am doing and look up and see the look on her face. I realize she does not know that I do not wear underwear, so I tell her. Kim says she has nothing to give me to cover myself with. I stop her and tell her it is okay with me. I dont mind, at all. She walks out and closes the door. I hear her and another female voice talking in the hallway. Kim says she will go back in there with her and they will work something out. Then silence from the hall.

This brief silence is broken up from muffled voices coming from the next exam room. It sounds like someone is not having a good day. I cannot make out the exact argument but I know someone is upset at something. About two minutes later the door opens and in walks nurse Kim. She tells me that it is going to be another minute or two. They have an issue in the next exam room with the patient who is not cooperating with the nurse practioner. I asked what was going on. Kim tells me in brief that the girl next door refuses to remove her dress for a proper skin exam. She tells me the girl in the next exam room was proudly raised the right way and if she is not comfortable with something then she does not have to do it. I ask her why then are they allowing the patient to stay here, why not threaten to kick her out of the office. Kim tells me they tried that but she wants her parental permission slip signed or she is not leaving. I tell Kim it sounds like they have their hands full. Mind you, I am still very much naked and sitting in front of this nurse I just met.

After a few back and forth discussions Kim looks at me and says for me to hold on, she thinks she may have found a solution. She leaves the exam room and the door does not shut all the way. I start to think I should get up and close it myself. I hear the voices next door, still muffled. Then silence. The exam room door opens and I hear noise out in the hall that sounds like someone throwing a file against the wall and it falling to the floor. I then hear the file being removed from the wall holder outside the exam room I am in. Then the door opens as nurse practioner Jen walks in reading my file and saying hello to me as if nothing else was going on. I hear the discussion pick up next door. NP Jen places the file on the counter and asks me if there are any changes or concerns since my last exam form last year with Doctor Adams. I tell her no new concerns or any new rashes that I know of, just the mole on my back is still there. My mom checks it herself about once a month. I really cannot wait to move out.

Nurse practioner Jen turns around and sees me, naked, sitting on her exam table. She stutters a bit as she tells me that I must be looking for a complete skin check. I was going to mention that the nurse told me it was required with her and I did as instructed and removed my pants. She stops me and tells me to stand up and take a step forward. She then tells me to place my hands on the top of my head. She says we will start with a face and neck check and complete the scalp area when I lay down later in the check. She starts scanning my skin on my face and ears. She rubs the back of her hand across some areas while her eyes jump back and forth across my skin. She moves down my neck and onto my chest when the door to the exam room opens and in walks nurse Kim.

The two women meet at the door and talk in hushed tones amongst themselves. I can tell there is some heated debate going on, but since it is none of my concern I try not to listen. Nurse Kim says loudly that she has it, right here. I look up and see her with a raised hand holding a white folded piece of paper of some sort. Nurse Practioner Jen looks at me, then back at Kim and says to fill me in and then leaves the room. Nurse Kim tells me to sit down on the table she has a favor to ask of me. I sit as she begins to tell me that the patient in the next room is being stubborn and not cooperating. She says they have a plan to get her out of their hair, but requires my assistance, if I care to help.

Kim goes on into detail on how the patient in the next room just turned 18 and wants to tan in an indoor tanning bed. Her mom would not allow her to tan in a bed until she turned 18. Now that she is 18 she wants to go, but her mom put one last minute caveat into the works. She had to come into here to get a baseline skin check exam before she was allowed to use the indoor tanning beds. She is now here and has a permission slip her mom made up saying she got a skin check by a qualified dermatologist. The problem is the girl will not remove her dress to allow such an exam unless someone else is naked in the room with her. She sees the look in my eyes and says to me not to go there, it gets too long of a story. Kim then says she was able to get down to the nitty gritty of this girls issue. She will not be the only one naked in the room, she keeps saying she has no problem unless someone else gets naked as well. Nurse Kim tells me it is against ethical laws for them to get naked with patients under their care, but nothing is said about having me naked in the same room.

Nurse Kim asks me on last time if it is okay with me going into the next room and having my skin exam done there. She tells me the folded up paper she holds in her hand is a general bib like covering they give to women who are in for a skin check. Usually, she goes on, the guys wait in their boxers while the women get these paper bibs. She tells me the entire staff are out to lunch on another floor and will not return for another half hour. She tells me to put on the bib and follow her into the next room. She unfolds the bib and tells me my head goes into the opening with one side going down the back and one down the front. She walks out into the hall and checks up and down the hall, no sign of anyone. She comes back into the door frame and sees me. She walks up to me and says I am a bit taller than most women and the front is not down enough. She gives a tug on the front flap and the back rides up and hits my neck. She tugs a bit more and the paper begins to break at my neck line. She stands back and looks and says that will be fine, its a short trip.

We walk out into the hallway and take the six steps to the next exam room door. Kim points to the wall and tells me to stand there as she knocks and enters the exam room. I hear them talking and the only words I can make out is an unfamiliar voice saying over and over again, thats better, I am fine with it, great. Nurse practioner Jen comes out into the hall and asks me if I would be okay with this and I am allowed to say no. I tell her I am fine with it and go to enter the room. She holds her hand up and asks me to wait a minute. Jen comes out into the hall and motions me to enter the room. As I enter I see a pretty girl sitting on the exam table in a red dress that hugs her curves, has thin spaghetti straps over the shoulders and is mid-thigh length.

She stands up yelling No! No! No! I did not agree to this. Both female nurses tell her to sit down and listen to them. They tell her she had her chance, it is far gone now. She will do what they say and then leave with her paperwork signed off. She calms down and sits. They usher me into the corner and stand between me and the red dress girl. They tell her she will stand, remove her dress and follow instructions of the nurse practioner. Meanwhile nurse Kim will finish my exam and then leave the room. Jen says I will stand and face the one wall while she stands and faces the other wall. She tells the red dress girl that her demands were met and she must now follow along with instructions.

Nurse Kim takes a hold of my paper bib and removes it from my body and crumbles it up and throws it away. I am now naked in a room with three girls, one of which is taking off her dress. Nurse practioner Jen tells her to hurry up and slip off her dress. Nurse Jen then says out loud, for all to hear, He will stay faced that direction and you will stay facing this direction. Nurse Kim scans my skin up and down, side to side of my body. She then stands and waits to grab the attention of Nurse Practioner Jen before she asks her if she can have me turn around for a second. Nurse practioner Jen says it will be okay as she holds the naked girls arm forcing her to stay facing away from me. Nurse Kim tells me to turn around and face the other wall for a minute. I turn around and see a quick glance of the naked eighteen year old standing now in front of me. I see Nurse Practioner Jen looking at me and her patient at the same time. I take a quick glance down and see my dick is mere inches from this naked girls ass. I quickly glance up and try not to think of it. I know I am about to become fully erect. Nurse Kim asks me to turn back around and face her.

I then hear the directions for the naked girl to turn around and face my side of the room. She is then turned back around only seconds later. The two nurses say they are all set and complete. I am told I can walk back to my exam room and get dressed. I try to side step my way out of the room when I realize that just looks stupid. I turn slightly and face the open door and follow nurse Kim out of the room. I walked naked down the hall and straight into my exam room. Nurse Kim tells me she is so happy I decided to help them out. They can now get the girl out and never invite her back again. As I get dressed Nurse Practioner Jen comes into the room and thanks me over and over again. She tells me she did not think it would work but her nurse Kim was the one who came up with the idea.

It really was nice to not have a nightmare that night, this dream was much easier to wake up to. I spent the best part of the entire morning beating off to this dream I had. I think I may have to wait two weeks to do it again or I may pump my system dry and hurt something in the process.



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