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Fun in Public: Motel Story

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One of the most exciting things for me to do is get naked - and get off - in public. The thrill that someone may see me makes for such an intense experience that once in a while, if I'm lucky, I can spontaneously cum without even touching myself. Like others who have posted, I have no desire to get caught... unless, of course, the other party either enjoys the show or is too surprised to turn me in. The hope that this might happen is one of the biggest turn-ons!

Here's my favorite escapade so far: the scene was an old dive of a motel on a business trip. This place was very run down, so there was hardly anyone staying there at the time. They did have a pool, which of course was officially closed at 8pm. Well, it was a stifling, hot summer night, and I had been out. I walked back to the motel, and was quite ready for a dip in the pool to cool off. I knew it would be closed, but the thought of skinny dipping in an outdoor public pool had kept me half-hard all day! Back in my room, I quickly changed into swim trunks, grabbed a towel and walked outside to the pool. There was only one employee in the joint, the night clerk who was busy in the back office with a novel. So with little fear, I set my towel on a deck chair and got into the pool. After a quick look around, I slipped off my trunks and tossed them out of the pool. This was it! I got instantly hard as I swam away from the safety of any covering. After swimming around awhile, fiddling with myself and enjoying the pool, I got the nerve to be more daring. So, I climbed out of the pool and walked around, stark naked and rock hard in the fairly well-lit courtyard, where anyone looking out a hotel window, or anyone coming into or past the parking lot, could see.

After a bit, I'd get nervous and slip back into the pool, only to come back out again. Each trip into the open air got longer, each trip took me farther away from the safety of my towel and trunks, and each trip got more and more exciting. My heart was pounding, and I was flush with excitement. At this point I was dying for someone to get a glimpse of me in all my glory, and so I kept ratcheting up the excitement by getting increasingly daring. First, I walked naked out of the pool area, then back in. Next, with my towel over my shoulder I walked all the way to the front entrance of the motel - occasionally touching my raging penis, which would almost cause me to blow my load right there. I chickened out at the lobby entrance, wrapping my towel around my waist. But, I did walk through the lobby in my towel, dripping wet with an obvious boner. No one to see me, though. So as soon as I cleared the view of the night clerk, the towel came off, and I walked all the way down two looonnng hallways to my room. Still no one saw. At this point, my head was pounding with the excitement, and my penis was throbbing, ready to explode. What the hell, I thought, and I LEFT MY TOWEL in my room, carrying only my key, and walked confidently back down to the lobby. I was several hundred feet from my room, with no chance of hiding, so had anyone opened their door it would be all over. I was playing with myself as I walked down the hall, but when I got to the entrance of the lobby I froze - the girl working the desk was at the computer right out front, and I was easily in her peripheral vision. I stood there basking in my adrenaline rush, my heart pounding in my ears, when she turned - she either saw or heard me! I jumped back out of sight for a moment, then carefully walked back out of the hall to my former position. I'm not sure if she saw me, but she was still there at the computer. There were three hallways, plus the front door to the motel, from where anyone could see me - and I had no hope of hiding.

It was finally too much, and without any help from my hands, I felt an intense orgasm welling up - I stared at the clerk, knowing I was past the point of no return (in more sense than one) - and at last I had a searing orgasm and shot my cum several feet into the lobby. I then began stroking my cock furiously, shooting every drop of cum I could muster onto the lobby carpet, all the while watching the clerk and wondering if anyone was going to walk by and see. When I was totally spent, I walked the long way back to my room, occasionally squeezing off a drop of post-cum. I couldn't get to sleep for hours after that, I was so turned on by the event. All true, and more to cum!



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