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I am a pretty normal married guy. I guess I have a pretty boring sex life as I really have never had the many adventures described here. I really questioned most stories as being authentic until my adventure over the Christmas holidays.

We were staying at my wife's parents' home and were in her old bedroom. The walls were so thin and my wife made it very clear there would be no sex while we were there. I am an early riser and I am usually up long before anyone else. A couple of days after Christmas, I was up early and decided to take a shower and get ready for the day. As I stood in the shower I decided to relieve myself with a nice jack-off. Just as I started getting going there was a light little tap on the door and my wife's sister burst into the bathroom. The shower curtain was not pulled all of the way to the end of the tub and there I stood in all of my glory.

She quickly apologized and said she had to pee and couldn't hold it any longer. She quickly ran to the toilet which was the other side of the shower curtain so I could just make out blurred images with the curtain material. I could make out that she had pulled down her panties and pulled up her nightie as she sat and peed and peed. She quickly wiped herself and reached behind and flushed. She sat there for a few seconds and then said softly. 'I have always hated the thin walls in this house and the old beds are so squeaky that it pretty much rules out having a sex life while staying here. I'm sorry I think maybe I interrupted your morning workout'.

Wow, how do I answer this? I am naked in the shower with my tool in my hand and my wife's sister is sitting there with her panties down talking about sex and seems to know I was jacking. I finally said I had needed some relief. She said she did too! I looked around the edge of the curtain and looked at her. She said, stay there but let's do it together! She pulled her panties the rest the way off of her legs and lifted her nightie over her head. I pushed the shower curtain all of the way back and started stroking. She slid forward on the toilet seat and spread her legs. It was an amazing sight.

She ran her hand over her entire pussy for a couple of strokes and then put two fingers in and out of her hole lubing up the clit. Soon she stayed at the clit stroking the shaft but not the head of clit. Soon I heard a very familiar sound. She was making several rapid short breaths just like my wife does as she is approaching an orgasm. Then there was the distinctive soft moan, I thought only my wife made when she cums, and she shoved her fingers back into her pussy. I lost it and dumped my load in the tub.

We regained our composure a bit and she said thanks I needed that and put on her panties and nightgown. She quietly left me in the shower in bewilderment. The rest of the week she would just smile at me but nothing ever happened and was said again. I am completely amazed that she sounded just like my wife as she was getting close to and when she was cumming, but they look so totally different. Actually everyone thinks they look alike except my wife (Jan) has dark hair (and has bigger tits) and her sister Tina has blonde hair. I had wondered if she was a real blonde but I now know she is. Jan's tits are big and sag a bit. Her areolas are brown and large, bigger than a silver dollar covering the entire end of her tit and her nipples are long and point downward when she is turned on or cold. She has dark curly pubic hair. The inner lips of her pussy are longer than the outer lips and her pussy looks like a flower getting ready to open as the inner lips look like soft petals. They are wonderful to watch when we have sex.

Tina's tits were relatively small. I think she must wear a padded bra. Her nipples are little nubs sticking straight forward and the areolas are pink about the size of a nickel. Her pubic hair was wispy blonde, almost transparent. Her inner lips did not protrude at all and when stood up her labia completely closed and looked like a little butt. I have seen enough women (as well as photos and movies) to know their bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but I am amazed how these sisters can look so similar when dressed and so totally different in their sex parts. I am now intrigued and can't get it out of my mind. I also wonder what their mom looks like? Don't think her current hair color is real so that doesn't help. I am sure I will never find out but it is stuck in my mind.

So I guess I have questions for the women out there who have been able to observe and compare themselves to their moms and sisters. How different and similar are you to your sister and mom? For those who may have been in such a situation, how different a sound do they make than you when they orgasm? Please share, my mind is spinning.



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