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Knock Knock

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My neighbor Kimmy was the inspiration for more orgasms than I could count.


I was in eighth grade. My neighbor Kimmy was in seventh grade. I was very outgoing, Student Body President, active in everything. She was shy, reticent, soft spoken. We were both children of divorce. We were both latchkey kids. I dressed in the "preppy" style of the day, while she was much more of the "granola" natural type...who wore sandals, no makeup, and was very low key.

After school, I would often spend time in my garage with the door open. I liked fixing bicycles, lawnmowers, all things mechanical. I would tinker out there until my mother got home from work. Early in my eighth grade year, Kimmy decided to come over to watch me. She sat on a stool at one end of my workbench, while I worked. We would chat about this or that, but even though I was a hormonal 13 year old, for whatever reason, I was not attracted to Kimmy.

One chilly afternoon, I was wrenching away, and was a bit grouchy. Kimmy hung around my garage so much, it was beginning to annoy me. I wanted to be alone, and was a bit snippy with Kimmy. I was a little more forceful than usual, and asked her to go home. She left.

Next day, I didn't want to work in my garage much, but felt guilty for being snippy to Kimmy...who was always calm. Hoping I could apologize, I opened my garage door as usual, and waited for Kimmy. As expected, she arrived. I told her that I didn't want to work in the garage today, and invited her into the house. We went upstairs to my bedroom.

As we were walking up the steps, I suddenly felt great affection for Kimmy...and for the first time viewed her as attractive. As we arrived in my bedroom, she seemed just as easygoing and calm as ever...as if she had been to my room many times--even though she had not.

I told Kimmy I had a surprise for her. I asked her to stand up, and to close her eyes. She dutifully did exactly as I asked. With very little planning or thought, I approached her, embraced her, and kissed her on the lips. Almost immediately, our mouths were open, and we were both experiencing our first kiss.

My heart was pounding, but Kimmy seemed calm as ever. She smiled weakly, then we kissed again. We stood there for awhile embracing and kissing. Fearful that my mother would be home soon, I sent her home.

The next day, I never opened the garage door. And for the first time, Kimmy knocked on the front door. We returned to my room. Clumsily, I offered to give Kimmy a back rub. She laid down on my bed, and I took a long time massaging her back. Once, bent down to kiss her cheek. It was late, she went home again.

Next day, I waited for her to knock on the front door. I kept waiting...no knock. Overcome by sexual tension, I masturbated repeatedly that afternoon. I think I orgasmed three times. The next day, the same. No knock....but furious masturbation.

The following week, I called her house. I asked her if she would like to come over for a back rub. In moments, there was a knock at the door. We said very little, but she went up my stairs, and went right to my bed. I rubbed her back for a few moments, then I laid down next her. She rolled onto her side, and we were face to face. I leaned in, and we began kissing. This was the most intimate moment I had ever experienced. We were so close....the body heat...her smell....it was fabulous! My body seemed flooded with energy...I was tingling all over..... This lasted for about an hour...then it was time for her to leave....lest my mother come home and find us together.

For several afternoons, I laid on that same bed and ejaculated what must have been gallons of semen. I would lay on the bed while holding a porn magazine with my left hand while jerking with my right hand.

I called Kimmy again late that week and offered a back rub. Knock Knock. This time, I didn't rub her back...I simply got on the bed with her. We started kissing again. This time however, Kimmy ran her hand all over my clothed back...and my butt. I did the same.

The following week, the routine continued. I produced gallons of cum, and on alternate days, Kimmy and I would make out on my bed. One chilly afternoon, Kimmy surprised me. She moved her wondering hand from my back....to the front of my trousers. Of course I was very erect and hard. Kimmy pressed firmly...wanting to feel my cock through my jeans. I made no effort to stop her. I loved it...and did not say word...for fear I would ruin the mood and she would stop. Soon, it was time for her to go home.

Following week...more jacking...and another knock on the door. Everything replayed....but this time, as she moved to feel my hard cock, I decided to gently feel her breast for the first time. It was lovely. I could not stop gently squeezing it....petting it. Kimmy and I didn't say a word, but we continued our explorations gently and slowly. Next day, Kimmy returned. To my great surprise, this time Kimmy moved to feel my cock with her hand IN my jeans.....between my jeans and underwear. This felt even better. Similarly, I reached under her shirt this time, and was caressing her breast through her bra this time. Her bra was soft and smooth...it felt very feminine.

Next day, same routine....no talk...just body language. After a warm up time, today Kimmy reached into my underwear...and very gently twirled her fingers in my pubic hair. Then, I decided I wanted to feel her crotch---so I moved my hand from her bra down to the junction of her legs---outside her jeans. I felt around...firmly. I felt warmth, but little else. After a few moments of this, I returned my hand to under her shirt, but this time, reached under her bra....and felt her nipple for the first time, I gently gripped it...and struggled to feel more of her bare breast.

After three or four days of constant afternoon masturbation with my magazines, I again called Kimmy for a back rub. Knock Knock. Silently, we went upstairs. Warm up. This time Kimmy's hand went fully south...touching the head of my cock for the first time. I decided to send my hand down into her jeans...first over her underwear. Then, getting no resistance, I moved my hand from her beltline..down....into her panties. I reached the top of her pubic hair. I felt its wiry curls.....when I moved to head further south, Kimmy's hand came out of my underwear to gently tug my hand out of her panties. My hand returned to her breast. Getting late.

Kimmy and I continued to kiss and pet like this for several months. She never felt more than the head of my cock, and I never felt more than the top of her pubic hair. We never disrobed, never unstrapped her bra.

For whatever reason, Kimmy and I never really talked....we preferred just to kiss and let our hands wonder. I went away that summer, and started High School the following year...and I never saw Kimmy much after that...even though we continued to live just two doors away.

During those days, the thought of kissing and caressing Kimmy prompted frequent and repeated self-induced orgasms. Still today, some 30+ years later, I occasionally think of how Kimmy's breast and pubic hair felt in my 13 year old hand.

I have searched online for Kimmy several times---no luck. I would like to contact her...and learn about what she was feeling during those lovely afternoons in the early 1980's



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