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'Side By Side'

Posted by: Author: Age: 29, 17 at the time Posted on: 7 comments
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I really enjoyed my MM experience and Ben was the first person I ever had an orgasm in front of so it was very special. I would not do this with any or all guys, that said if the opportunity came up again with the right guy I would go with it and maybe endeavour to find out what licking or sucking a cock is like…


It all started one day when a friend and I were biking home from school, we will call him Ben. We got on to the topic of masturbating if we did it and how often, this conversation continued until we got to his place and went to his room, it was an outside room away from the house so great for privacy, little did I know we would be needing that so much today. His room had two single beds in it and I sat on one him on the other and started to play video games, on and off we were still talking about masturbation, girls and our cocks and then out of the blue Ben asked if he could suck my dick, he wanted to try it and as we were good friends he thought it was a fun and exciting thing to do.

Straight off I said no and that I did not see him in that way and that two guys shouldn’t do that type of thing. He then said the winner of the next video game should decide if he could. Maybe I was curious about how it would feel or maybe all this talk about masturbating had me very horny, maybe I just thought I would win and could decide no. Whatever it was I agreed to put it to the fate of the next game. So we played and to Ben's delight he won. He decided that he should be allowed to do it, and me being a man of my word and now very very horny just thinking about it I untied the string that was holding up my shorts and Ben came over to the bed I was sitting on and sat beside me, I was leaning back on the wall stretched out on the bed. He looked me in the eye and then looked down at the small bulge that was growing in my shorts.

He slowly reached down and lifted my shorts up and over my now hard cock. It flicked out of my shorts and slapped my belly lightly, even just having his eyes on my hard cock was a turn on and I had a small drop of precum at the tip of my cock, he then reached out and grabbed the base of my dick and pointed it up slightly as he leaned over and popped it in his mouth, it really did feel so good, so warm and wet, like it was the correct place for my cock to be. I am not sure how I did not cum right there and then but as quick as his mouth had got there and engulfed me it was gone and I was left with a huge hard cock and feeling very very horny. Ben had tried what he wanted too and he got up and walked across the room and left me sitting there with my raging hard-on still out on show. Then he said 'that was quiet nice I guess' I know I certainly felt that it was very nice but was not sure how I was going to deal with this hard on in front of me, he then walked back over to me standing by the bed I was on he asked if he could stroke me, I said nothing and just looked at my penis, Ben sat on the bed again and grasped my penis with a full hand and he said 'what happens if I do this' as he began to rub my dick up and down slowly, it felt so good to have someone else touch my dick and the feeling ran through my whole body, it was a moment in time that I wanted to stay in forever.

I replied by saying 'keep going and we will see' knowing full well that I was going to cum very very soon. All of the great feelings in my body started to centre around my crotch and I felt my balls tighten I knew I was close and wanted to cum so bad, he kept stroking me and a few seconds later I closed my eyes, I bucked my hips upward and felt the warm cum move through my cock, his strokes were timed to perfection with me cumming and every up stroke helped a rope of cum fly out onto my chest and belly. I felt like this orgasm was not going to end and I loved every second of it, he milked my cock getting all the cum I had to offer and it was all over me, there was more cum than I have ever seen come out of my penis to that day, it was great! He let go of my dick and went to get something to clean up with, my cock still hard and twitching covered in cum I felt like I wanted to cum again. I cleaned up and played some more video games with Ben before I went home about an hour later, that night and masturbated five more times all with very powerful orgasms (the last two dry and very covenant for clean-up) and all the while I was thinking about having my penis in Ben's mouth even though only for a few seconds and then being given a wonderful hand job by Ben.

That is not where our fun stops though. We continued to have fun together, he seemed to enjoy rubbing my cock and I did not mind ether as it always feel great having someone else touch me instead of touching myself twice a day as I did at the age. We started using his parents shed as we could lock all the doors and there were no windows this meant we could be alone for as long as we wanted. One of the times he played with me he got one of his mums old silk dressing gowns and put my dick through the arm hole and covered me with the rest of it to stop me getting messy, I didn't tell him but the silkiness of it and the fact that it was his mums was also a huge turn on so much so that I came so hard the first two spurts of cum hit him in the face, the third or forth hit me in the face and the feeling of hot cum on my face was very horny and that orgasm is one I have masturbated to many times. I have even gone to the point of intentionally cumming on my face in memory of this great experience.

After about the third or forth time he masturbated me I started to wonder what it would be like to touch another guys dick and so the next time we were in the shed I suggested we put some blankets on the floor and lay on the floor ‘side by side’ top to tail and we could both play with each other at the same time, like a 69 but using out hands not our mouths and both laying on our backs. Ben was very keen on this idea and put down the blankets and we both got naked. I looked up and for the first time I saw Ben's dick and just looking at it got me hard straight away he was still only half hard, we lay down and I started to touch his body in a sexual way, it was such a turn on my cock was dripping precum already. I circled around it a few times and then my hands got to his cock and I wrapped my whole hand around him, he was about the same size as me and was by now very very hard the skin on his cock was tight. I rubbed him up and down a few times and he let out a breath with a low moan and then started to rub me. The feeling of having a cock in my hand but it not being mine was immense and then to be being played with at the same time I was in heaven.

There we were two horny school boys playing with each other and loving it. I explored all of his penis and balls rubbing, stroking, pulling and squeezing, I had no idea that touching him would feel so great for me. It was amazing to get my dick rubbed while I got something to play with as well and the feeling was fantastic. After not many minutes of Ben rubbing me I felt the feeling all men know, the feeling of no return I was going to cum any second whether he kept stroking me or not, my whole body went stiff and I could not keep playing with my new toy that was Ben's cock even though I really wanted to, the hot cum shot through my cock and spurted out onto my tummy and some onto Ben's side, seeing my cum on someone else was hot and I kept cumming for another few seconds before my body went limp in the post orgasmic haze.

Ben was still hard and after a few minutes recovery I was very keen to repay the favour to Ben I again grabbed his hard cock and started to stroke him fast, I really wanted to see him cum and wanted to feel his hot cum on my hand, I rubbed him with one hand and with the other I played with his balls and the hard bit between his balls and his butt hole(that I now know as the Perineum), he seemed to really be enjoying himself and with-in about three minutes he gave me what I wanted and came, it spurting out on to his belly with the last few drops running over my hand, I kept rubbing him till he could not take it any more and moved my hand off his cock. I had another guys cum on my hand and it was such a turn on, I played with his cum on my hands and his tummy and enjoyed touching it for the first time, it reached the point that I felt my penis stir back to life and I started to get hard again, I was fully hard again in no time and wanted to cum but we didn't do anything more together that day and I had to stuff my hard on into my shorts and ride my bike home with it too. When I got home I played with my cock again thinking about what I had just done with Ben and had a really nice solo cum. We did the top to tail ‘Side By Side’ thing as we called it five or six more times whenever we needed it and could be alone in his shed but it all stopped when I got a girlfriend and started to explore the wonders of the female body, but I still think about it sometimes and have very nice orgasms to the memories of my times with Ben.

I have not had another encounter with a man since my times with Ben I am glad that I got to experiment with him, I really love the female form though and have spent the time since my days ‘Side By Side’ with Ben getting to know the soft and silky female body but those experiences are another story.

Thanks for letting me tell my story the way it happened I have to go now as I have a huge hard on and need to relieve it writing this story and knowing that others will read it has turned me on so much my hands are trembling, this orgasm will be a big one.

Thanks and keep writing and keep rubbing. Please leave comments if you like my story or would like to hear more. I have been thinking a lot about the first time I came and the lead up to discovering my self-pleasure, maybe I could share that.



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