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Sharing a Sleeping Bag

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Shared a sleeping bag with two older cousins.


It was during a family reunion when two or three families stayed at my aunts house. The adults got the beds and us kids got the floor. I was the last one into the living room and noticed there was no room left on the floor for me so I ended up in a chair. It was a warmer night then it had been so everyone was undressing down to their underwear instead of their shirts and sleep pants. Everyone also had a sleeping bag but me. My uncle came through to check on us and noticed me getting ready in the chair with just the blanket. He looked around and noticed two of my cousins, brothers John 17 and Steve 18, had a pair of sleeping bags zip together making it a very large two person or a snug three person sleeping bag. He told them to make room for me. They started to complain when he told them that he would take the sleeping bag away and they could sleep on the floor if they didn't make room for me. That quieted them down. They had enough room on the living room floor for two of them but not for three so they walked the sleeping bag into the den and lay down on the floor. I took off my pants and shirt and slid into the sleeping bag between them. As I slid in my legs touched their bodies and I noticed they did not have any underwear on which they did have on when I saw them get into the sleeping bag. They must've taken them off once they got in. I started to say something when they told me to be quiet or I could go back into the chair. They then told me I had to take off my underwear if I was going to sleep with them. I only hesitated a moment and quickly took off my underwear and pushed it down to the bottom of the bag. Laying in a sleeping bag with two naked guys on either side of me I quickly got a raging hard-on. We started talking, as all teenagers do, about girls and then masturbation. They then each stated that they had gotten extremely hard dicks and argued who had the hardest. They told me to check and see who had the harder dick. I know they saw the surprised look on my face because they each grab a hand and put it on their dicks. I had never touched another guys dick before. They felt huge. It was a weird feeling, they were extremely warm almost hot and although they were hard the skin was soft and of course moved up-and-down on their dicks. Steve's dick I could feel the veins on his shaft and his dick head seemed to be bigger than his shaft, like a mushroom. I could feel my fingers move up over the edge of his dick head as I move my hand up and down the length of his cock. Peter's dick was extremely thick, I couldn't wrap my fingers all the way around it. They both use my hands to start jacking themselves. I of course did nothing to stop them. They both rolled toward me and as they did they let go of my hand, I kept up the rhythm and kept jacking them. Steve took a hold of my very rigid dick and started slowly moving his hand up and down my shaft. John cupped my balls and started moving them in the palm of his hand. I had never done anything like this before. The feel of their dicks in my hands, their bodies up against mine and their hands moving over me was almost too much. They moved in closer still until they were flat up against me. Their dicks were hot against my skin as they moved them against me. Their breathing became harsher, the breaths quicker and the movements of their body stronger. They placed their heads against my shoulder and my chest. They wrap their arms around my body and each other as their release drew closer. I moved my hands across their hip and down to their nut sacks and gently kneaded them to bring them to their orgasm. Their bodies became sweaty and slick as their orgasm became imminent. Steve's breath was heavy on my neck as he whispered he was ready, "oh god, oh god" he said as his body stiffened and as he pressed his dick hard against me I could feel his cock flex over and over as his hot cum spilt onto me. John hesitated only a second and he too whispered hoarsely against my neck "I'm with you bro, oh God I'm there!" his last thrust was harder, stronger as his hot cum spilled further on to me and ran into his brothers, mixing on my skin. They only waited but a few seconds to catch their breath before turning their attention to my throbbing cock. Steve took a hold of my cock and started to lightly suck my neck as he quickly stroked my rigid dick. John played with my nuts and ran his other hand over my thighs and abdomen. That was all I could take, I fucked his hand and let out a soft moan as my cum filled my dick, it shot from my cock onto my abdomen. Spasm after spasm, rope after rope, three, four, five. The most intense orgasm I had ever had. The last of my come dripping over the side of Steve's hand and onto Paul's hand still holding my nuts. My dick became so sensitive that I had to pull Steve's hand off my dick. As I caught my breath I looked down and watched John, Steve, and my sperm slowly mixing on my abdomen. Wow!!!!



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