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Sexual Enlightenment

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It was last year when I first realized I was bisexual. Growing up, looking at the girls around me and trying to sneak peeks at girls in the locker-room of my gym class finally became something I could accept. I liked girls. And from that point on out, I was going to show it!
I had this really good friend, coincidentally named Angel, who was 3 years older than I. We always hung-out together, where she was, I was. There was no doubt about it. A year or so into the friendship, I started to look at Angel in a different light. I began to see her perky breasts and slender figure, rather than what I should've been paying attention to. She was so beautiful. She was blond, 5'7'', 120 lbs., big round breasts, flat tummy, tight bold ass, and long lean legs.
One weekend, Angel and I got together and invited 2 of our good guy friends over to watch movies. It happened to be Angel's birthday and I had bought her sex dice as a 'gag gift'. I knew Angel wasn't a virgin, and I knew Angel liked me, too--with this gift, I was more than hoping for her to let me teach her or at least play with me.
So the evenging was going just fine, we were having a great time, when Angel pulled out her sex dice. I was so excited and could already feel my pussy dripping with anticipation. It must've been an hour later when everyone was really into the game and the 2 guys rolled for us. One landed on 'lick' and the other on 'breast'. I slowly took her shirt over her head and stood her up. Wrapping my hands around her beautiful, soft breasts, I let my tongue slip up her side and around her breasts. I ran my tongue over her nipples, feeling them perk in my mouth, I then took them between my teeth very gently and teased the tips with my wet lips. I could hear her breathing become more of a pant and I stopped. This was for us, not them. We played a few more rolls, and I began to notice Angel urging the boys to go on home because 'she was tired'.
They finally left and she grabbed my hand, took me in her bedroom, shut and locked the door. We expected her roommate home any minute, so we knew we would need to be somewhat tame, or quiet at least. So I took control. I wanted to show her how badly I wanted her! I laid her on the bed and, once again, removed her shirt. I let my hands caress her skin as I did this, just to feel her shiver. I then looked down, and unzipped her jeans, sliding them off and onto the floor. She looked anxious, and I know I was!
I kneeled between her legs, with my eyes planted on hers, and slid my hands between her knees. I pushed them apart and put my finger to my mouth, signaling her to be quiet. I took my opposite hand, moved her panties aside, and slid 2 fingers into her throbbing pussy. I pushed forward, as I slowly slid my now wet fingers in and out of her. I leaned down so that my mouth was over her navel and tenderly licked her stomach. She was shaking, and I loved it. I looked at her and told her how much she turned me on, she asked me to give it to her, and give it to her now! She put her hand on the back of my head and nudged it towards her inner thighs. I started to kiss closer and closer to her pussy as I slid her panties off and threw them onto the floor. I put my face in her pussy, sliding my tongue in and out, while gently rubbing her clit with my fingers.
Occasionally, I would look up at her face and see it so intense with pleasure, I knew this was my chance. I began to lick the edges of her lips (below the hips) and got her juices all over my face. I rubbed her clit harder and faster, in a circular motion, then up and down. She bucked and squirmed all over the bed. I stopped and moved up towards her, licked around her earlobe and whispering 'Shhh.. I know it feels good, baby, but you have to keep it down..' she put her hand over her mouth and attempted to keep her squeals in. Her eyes looked as if they would pop right out as she came the first time, she looked down and into my eyes and looked at me as if she had just seen the whole world for the first time. I wasn't done.
I kept on licking, as I scooted her down towards the bottom of the bed so her legs would hang off, and I could really get in the game. This time I was a little more rough. Within 5 minutes she had came again and I kissed her pussy one last time before I leaned up and licked my lips and tasted her sweet cum. I knew she was satisfied, and, you know what?
So was I.



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