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Scouts With Toys (Pt. 2)

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Allen and I were still recovering from our missionary position sex with the fake girl I had constructed for us. We were sitting cross-legged in the middle of the tent.

Finally I thought we were ready. 'Lie on your back and start getting your dick hard again,' I whispered. He lay down in the center of the tent and began playing with his cock. I dipped my fingers into the Vaseline again and smeared it on his hard cock. I held the toy in my left hand and steadied his erect cock at the base with my right hand. Then I slipped the toy over his cock.

'Oh, that's cold,' gasped Allen. 'The cum cooled off.'

'It'll heat up, just start pumping.' He held the toy with both hands and slowly pumped it up and down his cock. He had closed his eyes and was enjoying the feelings. I was stroking my cock back into a firm erection, the Vaseline spreading from base to tip. I was on my knees and scooted around to his feet and with my hand began to spread his outstretched legs. He opened his eyes to see what I was doing but he didn't resist. I scooted up near his crotch and leaned forward to rest on my outstretched arms, my body poised over his.

'Stop a minute,' I told him, and when he did I reached down with my right hand and put the head of my penis up against the underside of Allen's at the opening of the toy. 'Hold the toy firmly,' I told Allen, and I slowly slid my penis into the toy, so that our two cocks, underside-to-underside, filled the fake vagina. I could feel our balls brush up together. 'You hold still,' I asked Allen, and he did so while I took long, slow strokes in and out, my frenulum rubbing the full length of his penis. I was enjoying this, but I realized that Allen's slightly longer penis was not getting the full effect. So I pushed all the way into the toy again and softly told him to grip the toy firmly with both hands and start pumping it on both our cocks. The sound of wet squishing seemed loud, but I'm sure I worried too much. We were still being very quiet. There I was, perched over him, resting on my two outstretched arms while Allen used both hands to hold the toy firmly and pump it slowly. The mixture of precum, cum, and petroleum jelly had warmed up with all the friction. The balance between slipperyness and the tight fit created my our two cocks and by Allen's firm grip felt great. We were both panting.

Allen began squeezing the toy even more tightly and quickened the pace. I could feel myself approaching an orgasm, but just then Allen stiffened his body and I could feel his warm cum drenching the head of my cock inside the fake vagina. That did it for me, and my cock began pulsing. We had stopped moving, and I'm sure he felt the same thing I did, as our warm cum surrounded our heads. Allen was smiling up at me and he even giggled a little as our cocks shrank, no longer filling the toy. Now the whole soup of Vaseline and the cum from four orgasms was dripping from the toy and I rolled off him. He held the dripping toy above his soft cock as if to purposely get as much on his genitals as possible. Then he reached over for my underwear, now getting dried and crusty, and he cleaned himself up. He raised the wet underwear to his face again and took a deep nasal breath.

'I'm beginning to like this smell,' he said, smiling. 'here, you need to clean up, too.' I took the underwear, wiped myself, and took a long breath of the scent.

'That was great, Jake. Thank your brother for me when you see him. I'll think of him when I make my own fake pussy at home and every time I use it.' He began disassembling our toy, removing the tape and rubberbands. He held closed the plastic bag top and unrolled the towel. He handed me the towel. 'What do we do with this?' he asked, indicating the plastic bag still gooey with Vaseline, precum, and four loads of cum.

'Don't throw it away yet. Close it with some of that used tape and put it out of the way. We'll deal with it later.'

Allen began digging into his own duffel. 'What are you doing?' I asked.

'Getting clean underwear. I'm not wearing those sticky shorts,' he said, indicating his cum-soaked jockey shorts.

'Not yet, Allen. That was just the first toy.'

He looked interested. 'What's next?'

(to be continued)



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