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Schoolboy Learns from College Girls

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This the true story of how my life addiction to masturabtion started.


I went to an all-boys grammar school in England. Although we often looked at girly mags, they were not explicit in those days and our knowledge of girls and sex was largely based on gossip and guess work.

When I was about 12, I used to stay at school late for cricket practice, so I often had to do the journey home on the train alone. One evening, I got into a carriage which had no connection to the others, but felt safe because the only passengers were a bunch of young women, of about 20 I guessed. I sat down and gazed out of the window as the train left on its one-hour journey to my home town.

After about five minutes, I heard giggling from the other end of the carriage and then the women walked towards me and sat down. There were five of them, two sat on either side of me and three on the seat opposite. They all had long thick hair, heavy make up and were wearing long skirts and blouses, a bit hippy like - I figured they were from a local university.

I felt uncomfortable as they giggled and then one of them spoke.

'Hello darling!' More giggles. Would you like to see ours? I was speechless so they took it as a, yes, and proceeded to unbutton their blouses and unhook their bras. There, right in front of me, were ten real breasts. They all seemed very large to me and I was most captivated with their aureolae and nipples which seemed to be dark, large and hard. I had an instant erection which stod up like a tent pole! They all giggled and one said, 'Look at that - he's got a hard on! Ooh I bet that feels uncomfortable, Darling; doesn't it?' I just nodded.

'Would you like us to make it feel better?'

Again, I nodded and the two on either side of me started to rub me through my trousers. I couldn't believe what was happening - it felt great and they knew it! Then one said that she wanted to join in, whereupon she pulled up her skirt, brought her feet up onto the seat opposite, pulled her knees apart and began to rub up and down her blue panties. She started to moan and I could see a dark wet patch appear between her legs. The two next to her joined in and they pulled their panties aside to reveal thick dark pubic mounds with shiny pink lips all pouting out.

From there, it all just got out of hand. The two girls next to me unzipped me and pulled my trousers and pants down, continuing to wank my little four-inch penis. As the other girls were panting away, I felt the beginnings of my first ever orgasm. I said I want to pee and they giggled, realising I wanted to come. One of the other girls told me to stand up, so I did. She said she wanted it all over her - I couldn't understand that, but was helped to my feet and pushed in front of her. Just then, I came for my first time shooting all over her. The first shot landed right on her panties where she was rubbing. The second landed on her breasts and then she leaned forward placing her face directly in front of me and the rest streamed over her face and hair which she brought from behind her to catch the rest and then to clean my cock. We all got dressed, tidied up and the girls left me, giggling amongst themselves.

That night, I was shocked by what had happened, but the event has never left me as an enduring vision. I have been a committed wanker ever since and have always enjoyed hand jobs more than either intercourse or blow jobs. Unfortunately, it means that sometimes I can't come unless I finish with a hand job, much to the dismay of my partners, and I frequently need to visit massage parlours for hand relief from older women who mother me. I often wonder whether this early event was the reason why.



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