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Saving It Up Part 2

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Hello again, for those of you who don't know I posted a couple days ago. I said how I was holding off on masturbating for awhile. I do this from time to time because of the amazing orgasms it yields. Now I'm someone who loves to masturbate. I can honestly say, it's better than sex, at least I think so. There's nothing more intimate then loving yourself and your body, and not having to worry about anyone or anything but pleasuring yourself just the way you want to is about the greatest thing in the world.

I masturbate daily if not two or three times. On occasion even more. I'd say in an average week I probably get myself off about 10 to 15 times. So what happens when I suddenly just stop? Well when I first posted I said it had been five days. Now, I have gone just about a full week without having one orgasm. It's getting tough let me tell you. There's been a few nice things about it. For one, holding off gives you rock hard erections when you get aroused. I got to day four or five when I finally just had to touch myself a little, and boy, my dick was harder than it's been in awhile. I don't have ED or anything, I have no problems getting it up, but I can just feel the difference.

It feels heavy, and the feeling of arousal is way high. I love the feeling of having a massive erection. My balls also feel bigger, almost like they're swelling up. They were feeling a bit sore yesterday, I know they're just aching to release. There are some hard parts though. For one besides getting super hard, I'm also getting hard on and off pretty much all day. The slightest thought or touch and my penis starts to grow, which has made it hard at work. Sometimes it'll just spring up just out of the blue. I'm also producing more precum, and producing it faster. My penis won't even be erect for five minutes and it'll already be leaking. I've also been horny pretty much non stop for two days. It's like I can't focus on anything else except masturbating. Even at night it's been hard to sleep. I'm trying my hardest to not touch my penis what so ever. I almost blew it last night. I was naked in the bathroom and I looked at my penis. It started to grow and was hard it seconds. I watched it throbbing in the mirror. I love seeing myself hard and was alone, so I decided to get my camera. I take pics and vids of myself a lot. I love to watch me get off. I record myself jerking and watch it after. I like to slow it down and watch my cum shoot in slow motion, super hot. Well I didn't wanna cum so I decided to record my erection instead. It was soo hot watching it. Seeing third party perspective of me having an erection, watching me walk and sit, and turn, all the while my hard dick bobbing all over. I watched it over and over, my dick was leaking precum everywhere, I swear if I kept up it felt like my dick was about to shoot everywhere on its own.

So I came to my senses and got my pjs on. Not sure how much longer I can last. The only time I've ever gone this long was about a year ago. I had managed to go a whole week just about before I blew it. I was super horny in bed and I decided to masturbate with this new technique I developed. About two or three years ago I was trying to think of a new way to get off. I wanted to have 'hands free orgasm'. But I didn't wanna touch anything. Not my balls, prostate, nothing. I wanted to experience going from soft, to hard, to orgasm, with my hands never laying a finger on anything. I decided to read up and found one technique where you thrust you hips back and forth, humping the air basically, and the movement of your dick would eventually be enough to make you shoot. I tried this and after about 10 minutes I was exhausted. So instead I layed down and tried just moving my penis up and down with the muscle down there that moves it. This also got tiring but felt somewhat better. Being tired I accidentally started clenching that muscle instead of moving it, which for some reason started to feel good. This lead to me just clenching for long periods and releasing and clenching again. I tried this for awhile but could not get an orgasm. I tried it now and then but could never make it work. Getting back to last year, when I had gone a week without cumming, it was early and I had woken up and was feeling super horny. My girlfriend was sleeping next to me, so I didn't wanna risk jacking a little and waking her. So I figured, hey, why not try my hands free technique again.

I layed there, took a deep breath and started clenching that muscle. Oddly enough it started to feel real good real quick, unlike the last attempts which took 10 minutes or so to even start to feel pleasurable. I kept clenching. After five minutes or so I started to get an erection, and that tingle you get when your orgasm is building. Oh man, I thought, this might actually work! I don't know if not cumming for a week had anything to do with it, but I'm guessing it did. I kept going, it was feeling good. I knew I was leaking precum I could feel wetness. My dick had softened a little but started growing again. Just then my pleasure boosted and then I was certain, if I kept going I was going to cum. I backed off and fully released the muscle, which sent a back wave of pleasure that just about put me over the edge. I tried to contain it as hard as I could, and managed to stop myself from having an orgasm. I didn't know what to do.

On one hand I was a minute away of experiencing an orgasm without having touched my penis at all, which I wanted to do so badly. This was my chance I thought, but on the other hand, I wasn't ready to cum. I wanted to save it up more, and above all I wanted to record it shooting. I was sooo horny though I couldn't resist. I started clenching again. I'll just do it a little more, I thought. I won't go too far. So I clenched harder. It felt amazing. Before long the tingle was coming back, I knew I should probably stop. My dick was now fully erect and I could feel my orgasm coming. It felt so good I just wanted to feel a little more pleasure. I clenched a little harder and got just about to orgasm and let go. Then I realized, I forgot about the back wave pleasure from releasing the muscle. It ran through my penis and my pleasure climaxed. O no I thought I don't wanna cum! I tried to stop it but I knew I couldn't, I had gone too far. All I could do was clench my cheeks and try not to moan as my penis ejaculated a weeks worth of semen, shot after shot all over my boxers. After about eight or nine seconds, about twice the length of my usual orgasm, it ended.

I layed there for a minute before slowly and quietly walking to the bathroom. I stepped out of my boxers and observed the giant wet spot on the front. On one hand I was happy I finally got it to work, but I was mostly disappointed that I couldn't hold off like I wanted to. I really wanted to see it shoot and see how many shots not masturbating for a week will give you. I have my chance now though. Do I wanna hold off even longer though is the question. I might try a few more days but after writing this I really want to do it now!



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