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Rose: My First

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I was 21 years old and a technical virgin. I had a gilfriend but all we had ever done was to neck and pet just a little. I had a part time job at a clothing store as I went to college and there was a sales woman there named Rose. Rose was divorced and 48 years old. Rose used to ask about my relationship with my girlfriend and give me advice. She asked once if we were having sex and when I said no she wondered why. She suggested that we have sex without penetration so that she wouldn't get pregnant.

One weekend Rose invited me to her home for an Italian dinner. She was a legendary cook and often told me that she needed to fatten me up. I arrived at 7:00pm and found her cooking. She served me a wonderful meal. In the candle light she seemed even more beautiful than I remembered her from the store.

After dinner she asked if I could stay for a while and we listened to records. After a few minutes she excused herself and changed to a comfortable robe, one that made her seem even more soft and sexy than she had during dinner. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. Rose was a bit plump but she was beautiful and so well endowed.

A slow song came on and Rose mentioned that she used to love to dance to it. I asked her if she would like to dance with me and in an instant she was up and we were dancing.

We slow danced for three songs during which Rose held me closer and put her head on my shoulder. Suddenly I became aware of the feeling of her bare breasts against my stomach. I looked down to see that her robe had fallen open and that she was braless and wearing only panties. She asked if I minded and I responded by kissing her.

In a moment we were passionately kissing. Then we were on the couch with her straddling me as I sat. Her lips were ravenous, kissing and licking me in ways that I had never experienced. Gradually I reached between us and found her breasts with my hands and finally her nipples. As I closed my fingers on her nipples she gasped and leaned back pressing her panty clad vulva into my lap. I could feel the heat of her vagina against my erection as she began to rock against me.

She moaned and grunted as she writhed against me, reaching a tremendous climax in just a few minutes. Then she collapsed against me moaning and kissing my ear.

After a few minutes she climbed off my lap and kissed me letting her fingers wander to my penis. She unzipped me and took my erection into her hands and whispered that she was going to do what my girlfriend should be doing. A few strokes was all it took and I had a massive orgasm.

Rose excused herself, took a shower and came back to the living room where she apologized and said that she shouldn't have done what she did. She explained that since her divorce she was plagued with days of horny feelings and that she should have satisfied herself later by masturbation.

We talked for hours and I admitted that I was a frequent masturbater. She said that she also did it but not as often as I did. She was the first person that I had ever talked openly about masturbating with. At about 11:00pm I told her that I should go but when I stood up it was obvious that I had another erection. Rose asked me what I planned to do about it and I admitted that I often masturbated in the car on my way home from a date with my girlfriend.

She asked me why I should waste it and I asked her what she meant. Take it out now and do it before you go she urged me. I couldn't believe what she was asking. In front of you I asked. Yes, she responded. Let me watch.

I returned to the couch and she got me a towel from the bathroom. This time she encouraged me to slow down so that she could see it. I stroked myself more slowly than I ever had before, trying to put my orgasm off, and after a few moments I could see that her hand had gone to her crotch as well. With her eyes glued to my penis she soon had both hands in her lap and her robe open so that I could see the outline of her vagina through her panties.

We both came at almost the same time. I visited Rose many more times that year, but I did eventually marry my girlfriend and stop seeing her. Last week I ran into Rose in a store. She must be in her seventies now but she was still sexy and spry. She asked me if I was still masturbating and slipped me her phone number.



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