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Roommate Cyber

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With my dorm mates we are quite open and we talk all about the sex stuff, the fact that we all jerk off and those who want, could walk naked around, like from the bathroom to the room and so. The reason is there is not much privacy among six people sharing one bathroom, several times I saw some people shaving their intimate parts. We have two gay boys who always bath and wank together spending hours in the tube.

Another day my roommate had a internet chat with his girlfriend who is just finishing high school in his home town. She is very shy, the conversation is usually very simple and easy, so neither me nor him minded my presence while they talked. I was sitting on the lower bed wearing just underpants, reading a book and he was at the computer opposite me. For mine and obviously his surprise too, the conversation started to be very sexual, she asked him if he was alone, he quickly answered that yes and she started taking off her shirt for him. It was a very unexpected situation, he could only ask me to be absolutely quiet, which of course I was. He figured without my full erection in my underpants because I couldn't move to hide myself with nothing else than the book. I could see very little from her on the screen but anyway it was all very arousing.

She asked him to take his clothes off too and in a while they started to have cyber sex right there in front of me. Obviously for the first time ever, and she was very good in guiding him. I couldn't resist and started to masturbate to, moving very slowly and after several minutes I had a very strong ejaculation, followed after with their orgasms. She didn't notice anything and wanted to continue but we needed to stop, because all around him there was semen, and I had the same problem. So they disconnected.

We looked at each other, he apologized and said only he had waited for that for a very long time. I answered something like I was waiting for that long too and we both laughed. Later we told our dorm mates about this and it seemed they would want to be there to have some fun too, especially the gay ones. Since then I always leave the room when they chat, but I usually go and wank in the bathroom, because I get an erection even when I hear her voice.



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