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Roadside Surprise

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This is my fourth story on Solo Touch, and even though I am 25, this was the FIRST time I ever had anything like this done to me in a CAR!

If you like my writing check out December 2012, 'Cowboy Boots and Front snap bra' 'Zebra Print' and 'Fun with Clothes on'. I am still new to all this pleasure and it has been an adventurous month of new things!


We were in the car together, I think it was the first time that I had ridden alone with him driving. It was nice. It took a few minutes to find a decent place to park, we had to be somewhere so we didn't have much time, but I was hoping for a short make out session and maybe some strategically placed groping.

As soon as the car was in park I leaned over and grabbing his neck, my mouth met his eagerly. He quickly placed his hand on my boob and started playing with the nipple through my bra and shirt. I lifted my shirt so he could go under, and before I knew what was happening his hand was under my shirt, my bra pushed up and he was tweaking my already hard nipple.

Moaning into his mouth, I gasped for breath as he worked my breast over, rolling my nipple between thumb and finger. His hand then travelled south, earning him a wide eyed stare just as he dove swiftly into my loose pants, his finger flicking my clit. Throwing my head back I cried out just as he thrust his finger into me, my hips bucking up to meet his hand as I cursed and shouted out to God and whoever else could hear me. I was already so wet, and it had hardly been three minutes since we started making out. He loved it when I was wet for him and I loved that he made me so wet.

He moved back to my clit, circling it teasingly as we kissed, his fingers now wet with my love juice. He was toying with me and I wanted more. Please! I cried, wanting more pressure on my clit, which he gave before pumping his finger into me again and again, my eyes rolled back into my head as he continued to torture me, sliding his finger back out and up to my clit, playing with it, pinching it ever so gently, then rubbing it harder, then softer once more. Ever so often diving a finger down into my depths to get more of my bountiful lube to use on me.

We were running out of time, and I wanted to cum for him. 'Harder', I said, and he thrust his finger into me, pumping it in over and over as his palm hit my clit, I bucked and cried out as I hit my peak, gasping for one of those amazing orgasms he had so often given me. Letting out a sigh I came around him softly, then leaned back into him.

We had to get going to make our time back, but I wanted to repay him for such an amazing time, since I really had only wanted some kissing and he gave me such an orgasm! So when we got started, I pushed my hand into his pants, wrapping my hand around his length, squeezing and pumping up and down. I grabbed his hand and began licking his finger, teasing his finger in time with how I worked his cock so that he could imagine that I was licking him down there and not his finger. Sadly we were not in a position for me to be able to work him to fruition, as it was difficult with him driving, but I sure enjoyed playing with him!



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