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Caught W/fresh Cum On My Skirt!

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I just knew I'd been had! Like grounded for life!


I had been going out with my boyfriend Ronnie (not his real name) for two months. We'd go out on weekend nights. A few weeks ago we went to a movie and then to a Sonic for something to drink. He took me home as I had a time I had to be home. As we always did we sat out front in his car and made out. This had progressed from kissing and petting to heavy petting. We had gotten into mutual masturbation. A couple of weeks earlier things really got hot in our petting and we ended up with his hand and fingers on and in my pussy and my hand wrapped around his cock. I showed him what I liked and how to do it and he showed me what he liked me to do with my hand to bring him pleasure.

On this night we were really into this. He had his hand up under my skirt and my panties pulled to the side and he brought me to two orgasms. I then concentrated on him and brought him to a very pleasurable orgasm too. I had some tissue in my pocket for this to wipe off our hands when we were finished. I remember I had some of his cum on my arm also. It was almost my time to get home so we kissed and I went in.

Being a weekend night my mom and dad were still up setting in the living room watching TV. I was wearing a light blue fairly tight fitting skirt that night and when wet this material wasn't very light but was a dark blue. I went into the living room to let them know I was home and upon my entry they both sat looking at me and not saying anything. They were looking down at my skirt. My mom asked 'what is that on your skirt'? I looked down and saw it and knew exactly what it was. Yes; Ronnie's cum! Nice and fresh too. My mom jumped up and came over to me. I said it was spilled coke but I could see she wasn't buying this. She reached down and rubbed it and even took it up to her nose. She knew exactly what it was. She then looked around my skirt and found a wet spot on the back side. Right where my pussy was setting in Ronnie's car. She told me about the spot she was seeing. I could see that the cum was so fresh it was still gooey. I knew I had been had and there would be no since lying, as always.

Mom took me up to my room and sat me down for a talk. It turned out to be a woman to woman talk instead of a good ass chewing as I expected. She had never given me one of these talks. As she could see I had already learned a lot about the 'birds and the bees'. She went into the saving myself for my husband and avoiding intercourse and things about boys and girls sex drives. She finally then went to the subject of condoms I guess just in case and surprised me when she asked me if I'd ever seen one. I told her not up close. She got up telling me just a minute and went to her and dad'd bedroom. She returned with one in her hand and opened it for me. She then went on telling me that she was sure I'd heard about oral sex which I had. She told me that my dad loves her to perform it on him but that she had always had a problem when, as mom put it, he 'ejaculated in my mouth although he loved doing this'. So, the condoms were there for this. He'd put one on for mom to perform oral sex on him.

Anyway, I and mom had a great talk that night. Here I thought I was dead when they saw that line of Ronnie's cum across my skirt but all turned out alright.



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