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Resort Hot Tub Fun

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I've been reading stories on this site for a while and I recently finally have one to relate.


My husband and I just took a brief but nice vacation to Florida. The resort was beautiful and had a few swimming pools and jacuzzis. One that we enjoyed the most had some plants and a couple palm trees around the jacuzzi that made it more private. Of course during the sunlight hours it was quite busy, but we would go from the pool to the jacuzzi and back.

My spouse and I have a very close sexual relationship that has been great and includes mutual masturbation. One night when the temperature was nice and warm we decided to hit the jacuzzi. We were happy that there were only a couple people in the pool and no one in the jacuzzi. We went into the hot tub and sat along one side with out backs to the palm trees and pool.

It did not take long for us to start an old fashioned make-out session. The kisses were slow and sweet and my nipples hardened and showed through my swim suit. I think my honey's cock was starting to harden when it happened. Another couple came around the corner and started into the jacuzzi as we were in mid-smooch. They immediately said 'oh, sorry', and acted like they were going to leave. But in my usual, always try to be nice mode I quickly said, 'that's okay'. My husband gave me a quick what the hell are you doing look. All I could do was shrug. They came on in.

The other couple was an attractive late 20-30 something girl and guy. They sat across from us probable 10 feet away. The guy made a quick comment about 'don't let us bother you, we'll probably do the same'. My husband, horny as ever, took that as his cue and started to kiss me again. I gotta say it was kinda hot making out in front of total strangers.

When I came up for air I glanced across the tube and sure enough the two them were in a clench too. The man had a nice body and strong arms and the girl was in a bikini with a nice set of boobs and a tight butt. Her nipples, I noticed, were now a match for mine. At this point the fellow noticed me noticing and turned to face us and pulled his mate in front of him with her back to him. We went back to a close clench and more kissing. I was really enjoying the little show that we were putting on for the younger twosome and we started to press into each other in a more sexual way.

I guess being watched made us a little interested in watching and we took a break to look across and see what they were doing. I had a quick gasp as I looked and saw that the guy had his left hand on her left tit and was massaging slowly but fully. His right hand was very obviously down the front of her bikini bottoms and was moving almost in ryhthm with his left hand. Because of the lighting and the water bubbling I could not see her pussy, but there was no mistaking the fact that she was being fingered. The most amazing thing was that both had eyes open and were staring straight across at us.

My huband was like rock now and I could hear his breathing speed up a bit. I reached over under the water and touched the end of his penis through his suit and he sighed. We both looked back to our tub mates and they we still looking at us and she was still getting a finger fucking. I was so wet between my legs at this point I reached my left had down and moved my suit and stuck my middle finger right into my vagina. It's funny what you're comfortable doing when it's out of sight under water. At the same time I reached with my right hand into the leg of my husband's trunks and pulled his cock out into the water and started slowly pumping. As I looked up at him I noticed his eyes fixed across the tub. I followed his gaze and saw that his eyes were locked with the girl's. As I glanced to the guy's eyes his were looking directly at mine. Oh my god what a turn on. None of us moved our focus for the next 4 or 5 minutes. He was speeding up his right hand on his girl's pussy and I pumped harder on my husband's cock. I had my finger as far up my puss as possible and was pressuring my clit with the palm of my hand. I could tell that the young man was pressing his penis into the ass and back of his girl. This four person masturbation continued until the girl suddenly started to shutter and jerk into about a 30 second orgasm. I was aware of her movements, but never took my eye contact away from him. It was like he was sticking his fingers in me. It gave me chills even in a hot tub. I felt that wonderful tighting in my vagina and pressed hard on my clitoris and started to cum about halfway thru her orgasm. I usually close my eyes when I cum, but I never took my eyes off of his and it was unbelievable. My husband, feeling me orgasming next to him started to explode in my hand. I could feel his convulsive spurts and knew that it was a good one. Within a few seconds our pal across the water let out a groan and squeezed his girl harder and was very definitly shooting sperm all over her back.

The unique eye contact of this whole event was amazing. In talking with my husband later, he said that his eyes never left the girl's and that when she came her eyes dialated, went a little blood-shot and were incredibly sexy. His candor left me admitting that the same thing happened to me. My eyes never left the man's eyes and seeing the look in them as he came was unbelievable.

We have now made love, masturbated, and kept eye contact with each other all the way through orgasm. There is nothing quite like it. We will always remember that night in the jacuzzi and our eye to eye masturbators. I guess we're not too old to learn a new sexual trick.

We never said anything to the couple that night and we never saw them again. But we had a very intimate few minutes with them that is hard to forget.



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