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'Last sleepover,' Joel said.

'Last sleepover,' I replied. We both grinned.

We were two when we first took a bath together; five when we first touched each others' dick; ten when we discovered masturbation together; twelve when we found something to slide our penises into; fourteen when we first masturbated in front of our girlfriends (we always double dated); fifteen when our girlfriends masturbated in front of us; and sixteen when we mutually masturbated our girlfriends (still double dating).

Now we were eighteen and heading to different colleges. Imaging what it would be like to be separated from your brother that you did everything with for the first time. We weren't brothers, but we might as well have been.

'Remember when we were ten?' I asked.

'Yeah,' Joel wistfully replied. We both agreed that our first time was the most memorable. 'You ever heard of age play?' he asked.

Joel had that tone that said he'd debated about whether to bring this subject up. When he used that tone, it was usually something pretty weird.

'Uh, no.' My raised eyebrow said I was interested.

'It's where you pretend you're another age, and act as if you were that age.'

It didn't take me long to realize what he was heading towards.

'You want us to play ten again?'

'Yeah!' He was really enthusiastic about this one. 'You know how shaving is getting in for men?' He took a big breath and plunged. 'Let's come looking as close to ten as we can.'

I didn't have a lot of body hair. I looked closer to fifteen than eighteen. Joel had massive body hair. I grinned at the thought of Joel shaved clean. 'Okay.'

Friday at five I got in the bathtub and shaved. It took a really long time because the razor kept on getting clogged. I pulled up my whitey-tighties. They were a bit tight because I had worn boxers exclusively the last two years. I pulled on my shorts, a T-shirt, and sneakers. Looking in the mirror, I decided that was as close to ten as I could look.

At six I had dinner with my family. At seven, mom gave me a ride over to Joel's house. We had let our parents in on the playing ten thing so we could really get into it. I kissed my mom goodbye and she patted my bottom. She hadn't patted my bottom since she caught me masturbating when I was thirteen.

Having laid aside the dignity of an eighteen-year-old, I ran inside the house.

'Hi, Joel,' I called, letting the door slam.

'Don't slam the door,' Joel's dad called back, unable to hide the smile in his voice, 'It has to last until you two go to college.'

'Okay, Mr. Parry.'

We fixed the tree-house and peed over the edge when no one was looking. We pumped up the bicycles and rode to get a drink. We rode home with our prizes, and then dumped what was left down each others' pants. Mrs. Parry made us run through the sprinklers so we wouldn't get the house sticky, then handed us towels in the garage.

I couldn't believe how different Joel looked without hair. He didn't exactly look ten, but he didn't really look as old as thirteen either. Remembering back to that Friday night eight years ago, we pulled off our wet clothes in front of Mrs. Parry. She couldn't help but sneak a peek. While she stuffed them in the washer, we ran nude for the master bathroom.

There we no way both of us would fit in a regular tub any more, but they had this huge triangular jetted tub in the master bath. Mrs. Parry had already filled it with not water. We climbed in and soaked for a while.

'You getting any bigger yet?' Joel queried.

'I think so,' I replied.

'Let's see,' Joel demanded as he got up on his knees. I got on my knees facing him. Six inches apart, we compared dicks.

Just as it happened when we were ten, Mrs. Parry came walking in with towels for us. 'What are you boys doing?' she asked cheerfully.

'Who's bigger?' I asked.

She looked from one penis to the other. 'You look about the same to me.' She walked out.

I looked at Joel, frustrated. 'Let's get them big and see.'

We each stroked our dicks until they were full size. Then we got front to front again, penises side to side. We burst out laughing. We were still exactly the same size! We dried off and wrapped in towels and went downstairs for a movie.

We sat in the overstuffed chair, barely fitting this time. When Mr. Parry brought down our dry clothes, we dressed, trying our best to ignore the amused look on his face at our hairless bodies. When the movie was over, we ran back upstairs and pulled on our pajamas and jumped into bed.

'You want to get big again?' I asked, just like eight years before.


We pulled down our P.J. bottoms and started stroking.

'My dad says if you keep stroking, you cum.' Joel stated authoritatively.

'What's cum?' I asked.

'I dunno.'


We kept stroking. As we stroked harder, the bed started squeaking just like it did so long ago. We started stroking in unison, cupping our bodies so we could see each other and ourselves. Then, just as it once had been, we had massive orgasms at the same time. The only difference was this time we shot cum. We fell asleep with that wonderful memory.

I have been at college a year now, and have experienced sex like I never knew existed. But, that night when I was ten still stands out.



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