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Re: 'I Got the Note!' 10/06/06

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I just read the story 'I got the note!'. This certainly has the earmarks of being a made up story and not a true event.


I must comment on this story 'I got the note!'. So much of it is unnatural. Things just aren't like this and don't happen like this. I know because I'm a male and I've been there!

Referring to her going to the loft and right off the bat I see red flags. She said he laid there concentrating on the TV. After a note like that believe me he wouldn't be interested in what was on the TV. His eyes would had been on her. The next very red flag was his slowly removing his shorts all the while still watching the TV. There is no way! He would had been looking at the girl's eyes as he was exposing his genitals to a girl for the first time. Then she states he was LIMP! Give me a break. No way! In reality his cock would be about to break he'd be so hard. Then there was the laying there watching TV stroking himself to get it hard and then taking 30 minutes to finally come off. Get real! This 16 year old boy laying there showing this girl his cock for the first time and performing this sex act of jerking off in front of her and he's laying there watching TV! He would had been so over excited and aroused he wouldn't had been able to control himself. Then throw in that he was about to let this girl see him shoot his cum. To a boy this is a very intimate thing. Truth is he would had been lucky if he had lasted 10 seconds before shooting his load! The story said he took 30 minutes. There is no way. I know.

I certainly remember my first time like it was yesterday. On a date with a girlfriend at a drive in movie. We went to kissing and 'light' petting. I started rubbing on her tits with my hand and this really got the girl aroused. Take it from me I too was already aroused and had a full blown hard on in my pants. Next thing I knew I felt her hand on my cock in my pants. She went to rubbing on it and I was so aroused from having a girl just touch my cock for the first time that I literally exploded in my pants! I might have lasted 20 seconds before blowing. What a mess. Up to that time this was by far the most I'd ever cum in my young life. Later that night we got into it again. This time I lowered my pants letting her see my cock and touching it with her hand. I also had my hand and fingers on her pussy. This time I lasted maybe just over half a minute before unloading into a bunch of napkins. Sex is by far the most pleasureful thing we do and it brings on excitment and arousal in us like nothing else.

I just wanted to put in reality to what has to be a fantasy story. Here I am now 52 years old and just the anticipation of having some form of sex with my wife will get me erect long before anything even starts. It has always been this way. And believe me when we get intimate I want her to see what she does to me and it sure isn't a limp cock! This not only includes my wife but past girlfriends, masseuses, and prostitutes I've been with over the years.



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