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Pulling Up

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My unusual method of masturbation as a boy.


I guess I have my older brother to thank for teaching me to masturbate. It happened one summer when I was quite young. We were camped out in the back yard and decided to go running around naked in the dark. Before long, my brother went over to a tree with a convenient low hanging branch and started to pull himself up and down. He had his knees lifted high up in the air as he was pulling up. He told me to try it, that it felt good. He was right, it felt funny in my stomach but definitely good. He told me that if I kept doing it, it would feel even better and he was right about that too. Eventually I had my first orgasm although I was too young to shoot.

I don't recall that we ever did this together again, but I certainly repeated it often on my own. I mostly used trees, poles, and closet doors to pull up. I suspect many boys have experienced the same funny feelings when climbing ropes in gym class or poles on the playground but few, it seems, ever carried it to its ultimate conclusion. Once I started to ejaculate, things got a bit messy if I was clothed, so I eventually got to the point of mostly doing it indoors on my closet door. I would usually be naked but would put a sock over my penis so the friction of rubbing against the edge of the door wouldn't hurt me. Rubbing was not necessary or in any way connected to causing an orgasm. It seems to have been caused by the muscular tension of holding my knees up in the air and pumping with them while pulling up with my arms.

This was the only form of masturbation I knew of throughout most of my pre-teen and teen years. I eventually discovered more conventional methods that made things faster and easier but the feeling I got from pulling up was unique and something I preferred. I did it in a few odd places. Once, when I was in high school, I found a panty girdle that belonged to a girl I knew (all the girls wore them in those days). I don't recall how I came across it, but I just had to try it on (I'd developed a panty fetish as a child too). I was in the band and had access to a room where we stored all the musical scores. No one was around, so I went into that room, quickly got naked and pulled on her panty girdle. The only thing in the room to pull up on was the corner of a four-drawer filing cabinet. Not necessarily the best but it worked and before long I was shooting my load into her teenage panty girdle. In my adult years, I used the pulling up method less often since it's quite a lot of effort. I saved it for special times when I was extra horny. These days, I'm past the point where I'm physically able to do it any more but I sure wish I could. It was and will forever be my favorite method of masturbation.



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