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Last Night...

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Last night...
I've visited this site on a number of occasions and I thought it was about time I shared some of my experiences with you guys. I've got three or four pieces to post up but I'll do them under separate posts.
I'm a mid thirties single (divorced) guy living in Oxford, England and, after the heart-wrenching experience of going through a divorce where two children are involved, I must say that I am now loving my life - particularly my sex life and especially masturbating (which I love and do all too frequently!)
I thought I'd share with you what happened last night.
I'd spent a lot of the afternoon (at work!) checking out some porn on the net and I was feeling really frisky. Sometimes, when I get like this I get a like a dull ache right at the bottom of my stomach and I know that it wont be long before I have to come. I had been sitting there at work looking at all different types of porn - my favourite is young girls (blond pref') in panties masturbating - preferably fingering their shaved pussies, but occasionally using dildos gets me going to. I also occasionally look at gay porn - mainly gay oral, as, although I've never had sex with another man, the idea of sucking another guy until he comes in my mouth is really quite a turn on. I think you could easily class me as bi-curious as, while I'm nowhere near gay, I would like to try sex with another man.
So I'd been sitting there right back in the far corner of an open plan office looking at some cracking looking women for an hour or so and getting hotter and hotter, so much so that, at one point, I was sitting back in my chair with the seat lowered down as much as possible so that the desk covered my groin - then, with several people sitting just feet away from me, I slipped my hard on out of my trousers and slowly stroked my cock. Without looking I could feel all of the pre-come on the end of my cock which made me twitch - it was wonderful; I checked no one was looking and then bought my fingers up to my mouth to lick the pre-come off.
Soon it was time to go home and I could concentrate on one thing only on the drive home - coming just as much as possible when I got in the house.
When I got home I locked the door and started to prepare things. I got some hair conditioner from the bathroom as a lubricant, and an assortment of things to fuck my arse with from around the house.
With what I thought was everything ready, I then covered my now hard cock in and my arse in conditioner and started to slowly stroke my cock - pulling my foreskin all the way back and forth. I then got on my knees on top of a towel on my bed and, with my arse sticking up in the air, I took my girlfriends silver vibrator (about 6' long and the thickness of your thumb) and began to slowly push it in and out of my arse - at the same time wanking my cock - imagining it to be another guys cock in my arse. Again it was fantastic.
This went of for a few minutes when I knew I needed something bigger in my arse - and that had to a banana from the kitchen. This got coated in conditioner and lowly inserted up my arse - it was tight at first but, after a few strokes I was loving it; sadly the skin on the banana started to split and I knew it would need something else. And I knew just exactly want that would be!
I went down to the kitchen and took a large cucumber from the salad draw and nipped straight back upstairs. I coated the cucumber in conditioner and, on all fours, started to push the cucumber into my arse; again it was very tight and a little painful so to o thought I'd give my arse some time to get used to this new invasion. So I turned over and lay on my back and took the second of my girlfriends dildos (a rubbery dick-like one) and closing my eyes I imagined sucking a guy off while slowly pushing the cucumber further into my arse. After a few minutes if getting used to the cucumber stretching my arse, I decided to change position; I put the towel on to my girlfriends stool at her dressing table and sat the cucumber up straight - I then lowered my arse down on the cucumber and bobbed up and down as if I were on top of a guy, taking it further and further up my arse and wanking my cock frantically at the same time. I was in absolute heaven and shuddering like crazy, however, the more I pushed the more uncomfortable it became and I knew that I needed to do something else.
So I changed positions again and pushed my girlfriends rubber cock backwards under the mattress so the cock was sticking straight out. I then got on all fours again and backed my arse on to the dildo - from here I could really fuck my own arse and quite hard without any pain. I proceeded to fuck myself for a good ten minutes or so and again slowly wanking my cock at the same time. I knew also that I was getting to the point where I needed to climax.
So once again I lay back down on the bed and changed to using the cucumber again. I lay there with nearly the whole cucumber in my arse and the then wanked my cock so hard while I slid the cucumber in and out of my tight arse. Just a few short minutes later I was moaning loudly when I splashed spunk all over my hand and stomach - my heart beating like a drum!
Well that was last night - haven't had one today but, after writing all of that I think it won't be too long before I do!
Will write again soon



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