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Poor Al

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Writing this makes me sooo horny. I had better go and fix that right now!!!


Poor Al. Ever since I started working in the library he has been hot for me but he is such a geek and sooo not my type. In fact, I'm not even really the 'library type' but college is not cheap and I needed the money so when I saw the job posted, I jumped at it.

The problem is that I'm so hopeless at details, routines and procedures. A library is nothing without it's details, routines and procedures. Our supervisor, after my first week called me in and so nicely said that not everyone was cut out for this job and maybe I was one of those who were 'library challenged'. I was so shaken because this might mean I'd run out of money and maybe have to quit college. I guess I must have had tears in my eyes when Al asked if I was OK. I told him it looked like I'd be leaving and explained that I just didn't have a head for libraries. He said that the way I looked it wouldn't likely limit my career. I sniffed that he was sweet to say that. He said that he'd speak to our supervisor but over the next few days he could show me everything I needed to learn and how to remember all the silly stuff I was getting fouled up on.

Sure enough I improved and pretty soon our supervisor said I had passed my probation so as long as I kept up the good work. As long as I did so and kept my punctuality up I was welcome to work as long as I wanted. I was so happy to get things right and really felt good about my ability to cope. Al was so good to me I felt badly about the fact that I had a boyfriend and I would be unable to indulge his affection that he kept showing to me. I'm used to men being interested in me and that is one skill I have no problem with but I didn't want to hurt Al who had a fragile ego and a bit of low self esteem. He wasn't a bad looking guy but he just dressed like a geek, behaved a bit boyish and didn't know the first thing about making himself appealing to women. That is when I thought how I would return the favor to Al!

We were down in the lower stacks and I was on the rolling ladder replacing some books. He was below, holding it still. I looked down and I could see him looking up my skirt with a huge boner in his pants. I couldn't help myself but I parted my legs a little as it was making me wet. I finally smiled and said that 'It isn't polite to stare.' He sheepishly looked down when I climbed down and I said. 'Al, I have been meaning to talk to you. You have been very kind to me, but you know I have a boyfriend that I'm involved with so we are going to stay friends, Ok?' He nodded and looked quizzical, since what I said was obvious. 'Now..' I said 'don't be offended but you need to relax and be more confident with women. I can help you if you are willing to trust me to repay your kindness towards me.' He smiled but still looked a bit puzzled. I said, 'For example, judging by this, you want me don't you?' Placing my hand on the big bulge in his pants. I said 'It is affecting you by making you too uptight and not relaxed. Let me help you out first before we deal with what is needed next!' I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. I calmly undid his pants, pulled down his shorts and started stroking his surprisingly big and quite hard cock. I aimed it at the floor away from me and after about five or six full strokes he shot a thick stream of cum into a puddle on the floor. Hand jobs I am good at! I stroked his fire hose cock for the last of the cum and pulled up his shorts and pants, pulled up his zipper and buckled his belt. He still had the same silly open mouthed expression on his face. I said 'Look, here is the deal. I'm your friend and we are so not going to fall in love, got it? Secondly I'm going to help you become more attractive to girls because I am your friend. Third if you are a good student and do what you are told, we may do this again, OK?' He nodded in stunned disbelief.

I said that it was now my turn and pulled him against the ladder, climbed up a few steps and put my right leg over his shoulder. He could smell my sodden quim when I pulled my skirt up and thong aside. He eagerly felt my wet labia lips and began running his fingers up and down both sides of my sodden slit. He was asking if he had found my clit, as if my wiggling, gasping and moaning didn't give it away. He placed one, then two then three fingers into my vagina and rhythmically began to slip them in as far as he could and out again.

I let my titties spill out of my top so that I could fondle them and circled my rigid nipples which shot surges through my body with every brush of my clit. I finally began to frig my clit while pulling his face into my twat with my right foot hooked over his shoulder. When I felt his face against my inner thigh I came with a violent spasm, just as Al grabbed my buttocks to keep me from falling off the ladder. He lifted me down and held me while I shuddered and shook a little in recovery, noticing his bolt hard cock proudly now again out of his pants. I laughed and said. 'I thought I put that away!'. I jerked him off again while he held me, while reaching in and fondling his balls. I let him lean down and kiss my nipples and felt his cock get more rigid and shudder as two short blasts of cum coated my hand. I rubbed his balls and milked his cock and told him to have one more spurt, which he did on queue, so that I could take him out to shop for new clothes!!



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