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Mom’s intimate care

I grew up with only my mom as my father was always away. We saw him once or twice a month on a weekend.

Mom was a nice looking woman, long dark hair, medium to small breasts, slim build and a hairy crotch. She was a nudist so that meant I was a nudist but I also was a full blown exhibitionist and had gotten in trouble at school when I got caught by a teacher showing my friends how I masturbated. 

Mom worked full time and I walked home from  school mid afternoon and was alone for three or four hours each day. Lots of time to get into trouble. She was aware that I was in her underwear drawer and I had found her vibrator. I found that the thing felt really good against my balls and when lubed up it felt good in my ass. 

She confronted me about it making me tell her what I did with it. I lied and said I only held it against my privates. 

One evening out of nowhere she noticed I was on the toilet too long and she asked. I told her I was constipated. I gave up trying to poop and sat on the couch next to her. She went to the bathroom and came back with a suppository explaining it would help me go. We were both nude as always and sitting on the couch so she had me lay on my side with my head on her thigh and she leaned over me a little and pushed the suppository in my bum.

It felt good but what surprised me and made me get erect is she kept her finger in and was massaging my sphincter and going in more to her second finger joint. 

About ten minutes later I sprang up off the couch, ran to the bathroom and had a great poop. She told me I needed to drink more water. The next evening I brought it up and said how good it felt, what she did. Without hesitation I said I’d be glad to help her put one in if she ever needed it. She smiled so sweetly at me. 

I totally forgot about it over the next few weeks then we were watching tv and she sat down next to me on the couch and said, “here put this end in first” and handed one to me. My heart stopped. She laid down facing the television, put her head on my thigh and drew her knees up some. I leaned over her effectively putting her head between my thighs. She was facing away but had my very excited erection laying against her neck. 

I was shaking a little, she said to relax everything was ok. I found her asshole and eased it in slowly like she had done to me. Once in I started the same slow circular massage if her sphincter. I felt her relax so I kept moving my finger in a circle. It felt wet and wonderful.

She shocked me when she reached up and laid her hand on my penis. She didn’t grab it or stroke it she simply laid her hand along it’s length then patted it three times them moved her had away. 

Time passed, five, ten, fifteen minutes. She resumed still. I was about to explode. 

I took my left hand and placed it on her belly and started slowly moving it down towards her bush.

She lifted her leg pointing her knee straight up. I kept going and soon had a nice size clitoris between my fingers. I pinched it a little and slid on down and pushed two fingers in the wettest, hottest hole I had ever felt. 

I started to tense up, she felt it and put her hand on my penis just as I started squirting cum. She caught some but more went on the couch cushion and in her hair. 

I never knew if she climaxed, all I know is my hand was all wrinkly from being submerged in wet for so long. We laid there for I think an hour. My cum all on her neck in her hair and on her hand. My one hand soaked in her juices and my other hand with a finger in her butt hole.

She finally un entangled us and got up standing in front of me smiling and said, “Our secret, promise “ I said “Yes mam”.

We both went to separate bathrooms in the house and cleaned up. 

We had a nice quiet evening watching a movie and eating pop corn sitting on the sofa with our feet still entangled. 



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