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Pole Climbing Days

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It's great to share common experiences about early discoveries of self-pleasuring, such as pillow humping and pool jets. However I've only read a few stories in Solo Touch about pole-climbing experiences. Here's my story.


I was nine years old when I had my first orgasm courtesy of a pole at our local grocery store. On the way to the entrance to the store I was struck with the sudden inspiration to climb a support pole by the door. I excitedly shimmied up the pole but nearly tired out before reaching the top. I was determined to obtain my goal and reached above my head to grab a ledge at the top of the pole. While climbing my penis had gotten hard and was beginning to feel good from rubbing against the pole. As I pulled myself up by the ledge, that good feeling turned into a pulsating explosion of pleasure. I had no choice but to hold on for a few moments more until the feeling subsided and my head stopped spinning. I slowly climbed down to be met with the cheers of both my parents who had witnessed my 'daring' climb. Their praise covered my excitement and confusion. I wasn't certain what had just happened, but I knew that it was absolutely fantastic and also 'dirty' and that I couldn't wait to try it again.

Over the next few months I climbed that pole about twice a week when my family went to the store. My interest was no longer in proving my strength and athletic skills, but was solely concerned with recapturing that special feeling. My mother's enthusiasm for my pole climber quickly waned, but for a time I couldn't be denied. Later though I found that I didn't always get that wonderful feeling and in time I lost interest. My parents also starting shopping at a different store, one that didn't have poles. My pole climbing days had almost come to an end.

A few years later and after I had formally been initiated as a masturbator, I was again shopping with the family. I told my mother that I would be back in a minute. I ran out of the store and across the street to the Safeway in hopes of achieving a hands-free orgasm. I climbed the poll with full hopes of relieving my aching hard on but nothing happened. I was really let down, but I solved my problem later that night in the bathroom.

My last 'pole climbing' thrill happened when I was fourteen. My P.E. class was put through a series of drills including rope climbing. By this time I was as expert a jacker as any boy my age and had long forgotten my former pole climbing days. I don't remember if I had a hard on when I started climb, but by the time I was getting close to the top of the rope, I knew I was could blow my load and that I wanted it bad. I reached the top using just my arms and that tension was enough to cause me to pump a half dozen shots of cum into my jock strap and gym shorts as I experienced a really intense orgasm. When I got down I quickly made note that the waistband of my shorts were soaked but that my gym shirt covered it up nicely.

Years later a lover and I were talking about our early sexual experiences. She told me that at the age of nine she had to climb a basketball pole to retrieve her ball, and that just as she was about to reach the ball she experienced her first orgasm.

I'd love to hear about other pole/rope/tree climbing experiences.



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