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Admiration for Dad

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This happened to me when I was 13, and my dad was 33
I am now 19 and my dad 39. I'm not gay or anything but one day I had an experience that left me wondering to this day. My parents had gotten separated a year before and at the time I lived with my mother and my dad lived with his parents. He had a little room set up in my grandparents basement. One day my mom drove me over for a visit while my grandparents were away on a trip. They don't live very far from where me and my mom live, about a 20 minute ride. My mom dropped me off and left, seeing that his car was in the drive way and not wanting a confrontation of any kind. I went around back and went in from the patio door entrance for which I had the keys. I heard some music and some voices downstairs the basement but the door that led down to his room was lock. so I went around back to see if the bulk head door was open because he sometimes lets it slightly open to air out the basement. I got there and found the bulkhead door slightly ajar. So I went in, first the bulkhead entrance leads into the laundry room then to a hallway. The door to his room was at the other end from the laundry room door and the door was open and now I could hear exactly, without a dought, what the sounds were.The sound were from a porn video. I could hear moans and a man muttering stuff like 'yeah baby, you like my fat cock up your ass' and the girl was saying 'yeah baby fuck me deeper' and you know that stuff they say in porn videos. And at the time I've seen porn movies with my friend Bobby, because we snuck a few of his dad's tapes when he was out, and I know how horny you can get and what happens. So I wanted to see what he was up to so I crept slowly to the door took a peek and I saw my dad laying naked on his bed all oily and pulling on his huge cock, totally engrossed in what he was watching, he didn't see me because he was facing the left direction toward the T.V away from the door which was on his right, the movie was in full view from where I was standing. I stood there and watched my dad jack off, I was amazed at the size of his cock and and the size of his balls, his balls looked like as if they were melting down his ass, they hung huge and low. Then he would stand up and jerk off muttering to himself things like 'yeah honey, you'd like what I got for your here. And then before he would lay back down on the bed he'd grab a bottle of oil from the floor and squirt some on his cock and smear it all over it and continue jerking off, I guess he's responsible for the way I jerk off now, because I do it the same way he was doing it then, and often jerk off thinking of him. He laid there with his legs bent and tugging on his balls as he slowly jerked off rubbing the length of his cock. He took a long time, I'd say about 35 minutes or more since I got there and who knows how long he was at it before I got there. well any way, by now he was starting to pick up speed and kind of thrusting his hips up and then he began furiously beating his cock and thrusting his hips up fast and the bed was squeaking and shaking like crazy and he was moaning loud like 'oooh jeeeze.....aaaah yeaaahh jeeeeze' and it kind of scared me because I never seen any body in that condition before up close, the sight of him all oiled up carrying on so wildly and then he let loose with a sound like 'ummmfff....aaaaahhhhh' with a final thrust of his hips he let several streams of cum flying all over. some landing on his chest and stomach and dribbling down his hand slowly squeezing his cock outward to the tip of the cockhead milking every bit of cum out while moaning and sighing. And then he laid there for a moment breathing heavy trying to catch his breath and then turned to look at the door and saw me standing there and jolted a bit and scampered around to try and cover himself but couldn't because there was no bedding on his bed, so he just tried his best to cup his cock and balls with both cum drenched hands, but his cock was still poking out from the side of his hands,he couldn't contain all of his stuff then I stepped forward and said hi dad, while still breathing heavy trying to catch his breath he asked 'hhhhow...hhhow llolong hhhave yyou been..ah..standing there' He could barely finish his sentence and I said about and hour, and he replied 'oohh christ...you saw everything I was doing' and I said It's O.k and that I did it too. Then he said 'chris..please could you excuse me a bit... I need to get straighten up here O.K and I'll be out to talk with you..' but before I went I asked him if I could watch some porn too. He just look all glassy eyed at me and said 'chris please..I be out in a bit.. just let me get cleaned up' so I went out and waited in the hallway and shortly after he came out wearing only his boxers and in the light he looked red in the face like the times he'd had a long weightlifting session at the gym. I said I was sorry but I was just surprised and wanted to see the porn and that he didn't upset me by what he was doing. And he stared to explain to me that all guys did it and there was nothing wrong with it, and if I wanted to I could watch the video he was watching while he took a shower and I said 'sure I'd like that all the while staring at his cum stained boxers and some cum that was still on his chest and I could smell it too, so he went up stairs to take a shower and I laid on his bed turned on his video and jack off like the way he did and it I shot cum all over just like he did, it was awesome, up until then I never experienced an orgasmed that powerful. There was other times after that I seen him jerking off during the time when I was staying over sleeping on his couch late at night after he thought I was sleeping he would turn on his porn show with the volume turned low and he would start to jack off. One time I was jerking off too on the couch while he jerked off on his bed and he would look over at me and see what I was doing and look back at the t.v and continue to jerk off. Not long after that he remarried and moved to california. I go visit every now and then but don't stay long, even though he enjoys my visits, I don't like his new wife. they have no children, I don't think they have sex because she has gotten very fat since they married and he is still slender and very youthful looking. Now I stay at his old place and we're supposed to get together before I go off to college. I hope he still jerks off.



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