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Poison Tales #1

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This is my first submission to Solo Touch. I discovered this site about a year ago. It has helped me realized a lot, actually, for I never knew what or where a clit was, or most things about vaginas, for that matter. I also thought some of the things I did were wrong or weird, but compared to most authors on this site I guess I'm pretty average.


I was very young when I discovered masturbation. I actually did it in a very unusual way. It was like how people start fires without matches, and use sticks instead. I had discovered it in the summer before I went into seventh grade, and it was a few days before my birthday in June.

A few weeks later, our cousins from Montana came. They were a family of four, with a daughter Melissa who was 2 years younger than me, and a son Jack, who was 5 months

younger than me.

We hadn't seen them for a very long time, so it was pretty awkward between us kids at first. I guess people from Montana, or probably their town, were somewhat different. They lived in a pretty rural town about an hour away from any others.

The awkwardness only lasted for a little while. They had come in the early afternoon, and me and my 16 year old brother, Peter, entertained them with a tour of the house, letting them go crazy eating our food (they were used to weird organic gluten-free foods, and playing Gamecube with them.

In the evening, my brother had gone to a friend's house and Melissa, who would normally be following us around, was out shopping with my mom and Aunt Chris. So Jack and I were alone. We were talking in my room. As in every story, the subject of our chatter eventually turned to masturbation. I told him I had discovered it a few weeks ago, but he said he had found out when he was a lot younger, which I didn't really believe. As we talked and boasted, we both became aware of the tents in our shorts. He was telling me of his technique: 'I use oil or saliva and rub it on, then I kneel down and sit on my feet so my dick's between my thighs, and I wiggle around and push it. It feels awesome.' So I said, 'Can you show me?' We went to the bathroom and locked the door. I went in the shower and tried doing it, and he was on the floor next to me doing it. It didn't really work for me though, so we both tried our own techniques. Although I had never done this (or thought about this) before, it was incredible to be masturbating with someone right next to me. As we were coming close to climaxing, we heard our parents calling our names to come down for dinner. Quickly and angrily we put our clothes on, but before we went downstairs we agreed to continue this later tonight.

After dinner, the planning began. We decided to call what we did an 'adventure'. We would streak, skinny dip, and do other stuff to. We convinced our parents to have him sleep in my bed (it was a double) and then spent about forty minutes making fake dummies of ourselves (using stuffed animals) under the covers, so when you walked in the room, it looked like we were asleep.

At bedtime, we waited, uncomfortably lying on the dummies. We were very antsy as we waited until midnight, the time our adventure would begin. At midnight, we waited for a little longer, until we were sure everyone in the house was asleep, and then exited into the hall.

Jack was not accustomed to our old house, so he did not know where to step without making noises. I turned on the air conditioning to muffle our movements. We crept down the hall and around the corner to the door that led downstairs. We opened it, fearing that we would wake the house because it creaked so loudly, but no one woke up. So we continued down the steps, Jack making a lot of noise from stepping on the wrong parts of the steps. We walked through the main floor, all the way to the back porch, and then went outside.

It was beautiful outside. We have a very large backyard, and it looked so enchanted dappled in moonlight. I had never been in the backyard this late before. We went to the chairs by the pool (illuminated with moonlight) and sat down in silence for a few seconds. 'Ready?' I said. We then both pulled off our clothes and then began running around the yard.

If you have never run outside naked in the summer at night, then you haven't lived. It was an amazing feeling of freedom. I was almost like we were in Eden. We ran through some other people's yards, laughing the whole time. We came back and then went skinny dipping.

We had both been turned on by seeing each other naked, and by the time we were in the pool we had erections again. We were both skinny dipping for the first time, and, as do many activities done naked, it felt great.

After awhile, we went back into the house.

Then we started jacking off together. We sat next to each other and he got olive oil from the pantry. We each put a little on our dicks and began.

It was even more of a turn on than before since we weren't separated by a shower curtain, and we were both completely naked, and it was 1 a.m. We talked about girls who we thought were hot and what we would do if we had sex with them. We would occasionally look at eachother's penis, and finally he said quickly: 'Maybe we could jack-off each other'. 'What?' I asked, though I heard what he said. 'Nothing' he said quickly. 'No, let's try it,' I suggested. So we hesitantly reached toward the other's penis and began massaging them. I was surprised how his felt so soft and yet muscular. I was also surprised by how amazing it felt to have someone else jack me off. We eventually switched back to ourselves when we needed to cum, and we both squirted huge loads of semen all over the place. We sat there for a few minutes, as another author put it: 'enjoying the buzz' that comes after masturbation. Then we cleaned up and went back to sleep. The next two summers we had even better adventures, which I will post if someone leaves a comment.



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