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Substituting Susan

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A frustrating evening with Susan ends with relief from her gay best mate.


A very pleasant evening hanging out with Susan and her best mate Sam who happened to be gay became a bit frustrating when he overstayed his welcome. I was really hoping to get into her knickers but he didn’t seem in any hurry to leave. It was too late for easy transport so it looked like we were all going to stay the night. I cornered Susan in the bathroom.

“I was thinking we might sleep together if you’re up for it” I suggested.

“I knew that’s what you were thinking, but I don’t think it’s fair on Sam. He’ll get lonely and I wasn’t thinking of including him in our fun and games. It will just have to wait until another time,.”

This really wound me up.

“ Oh come on I know you want me. I can tell you’re horny” I pressed, slipping my hand down to her usually willing pussy.

Susan pushed it away. “That may be, but I’m not going to do it”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“That’s for me to know and you to wonder about” she giggled and evading further touching announced that she was going to bed and me and Sam could sleep on the sofas. 

This was doubly frustrating as I knew she really wanted sex but was just being considerate to her mate. 

We bedded down but I couldn’t stop thinking of her playing with her sweet cunt thinking about doing it with me..

Sam was dozing on the other sofa but I had a raging hard on. I remembered that Susan had several pairs of knickers hanging up to dry in the bathroom so on an impulse I got up and made my way quietly to her treasure trove. On the way past her bedroom with the door firmly closed, I listened intently with my ear against the stripped pine. It made a good sounding board and I could detect her soft moaning and the low hum of a vibrator as she dealt with her urge. I knew she liked to use it to get rid of her frustrations and so so it proved.

‘Oh well, 2 can play at that game I thought...’

Once in the bathroom it was just a question of which pair I would borrow to masturbate in. There were a couple of things and a lovely pair of ivory silk French knickers.. it just had to be those.

I would have to be careful not to stain them but I couldn’t resist putting them on. I loved the feel of the silk as I drew them up over my balls and my straining cock. Susan was quit petite and the knickers were very snug. My cock poked out over the waistband. This wasn’t going to be easy. I settled for keeping them on and just enjoying the sensation. I really didn’t want her to find come stains on them.

I slipped silently down the corridor resisting the urge to listen through her door as I wanked and back onto the sofa.

Sam stirred, looked up in the half light and murmured

“ you ok?”

I’m sure he had glimpsed what I was wearing.

“ Er yes sort of..” 

My erection refused to go down and it wasn’t helped by the soft silk sliding over my cock.””

“You feeling horny?”

I was but not sure what would happen next..

He got up from the sofa and came over to where I was lying in my frustration. Before I knew it he had slipped his hand under the duvet and straight onto my silk covered cock. I just wanted relief so much that frankly I didn’t care that it was a guy.

He expertly stroked me through Susan’s silk panties, not seeming at all surprised that I had them on. His other hand began to caress my full balls under the gaping crotch (one advantage of the French cut..) That did it for me. I was thinking about Susan reaching her own familiar climax next door and I was past caring as Sam’s firm wanking made me spurt again and again over her French knickers. I was going to have to confess all in the morning I thought. Sam had other ideas. He pulled the spunk soaked knickers off me and took them back to his sofa.

“My turn to use these now” he whispered, “ don’t worry, I won’t tell Sue, I’ll wash them before she gets up, it won’t be the first time.. our secret”

Hard to argue with that really.



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