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Pleasure for One

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This is my first submission. Comments would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.



Pleasure for one by Sue

Sat in my car with the aircon flat out I couldn't wait to get home and strip. It was that time in the month when my hormones are on overtime and, in the absence of my girl friend, my need can only be satisfied by self-stimulation. The traffic was heavy and as I slowed to a crawl my hand dropped to my lap and my fingers pressed on my mound. Safe in the confines of my car I allowed my hand to slide up under my skirt and onto the silk of my panties. I realised I was already wet under there and the feel of the silk on my fingers together with the sticky fluid that was escaping from my vagina added an urgency to my need. Stuck in the traffic was not where I wanted to be. I closed my eyes thinking of last evening and the two hours of lovemaking I had enjoyed with my girlfriend. My fingers traced a path down my thigh and stopped where Jen's pussy had been wet and aroused as she rubbed her hardened clit to orgasm less than twenty four hours ago. Raising my fingers to my nose I inhaled deeply, smelling the musky odour of my sex. Alone with my thoughts I allowed my fingers to pull my panties aside and I slid two fingers inside surprised at how wet I had become. All too soon the traffic moved and I had to concentrate on my driving.

Arriving home I let myself in and went straight to my bedroom. Now I had the time to explore and stimulate. Standing in front of the mirror I slowly unbuttoned my blouse allowing the flimsy material to slide from my shoulders. I turned sideways and admired the fullness of my breasts and my flat tummy. Unclasping my bra I felt my nipples harden as the cool air hit them. Closer to the mirror I examined the dark peaks and the areola. Cupping my breasts as if weighing them I felt the firm flesh under my fingers and admired the even tan. Lower down I felt a need building and I allowed my hands to slowly inch their way down to my skirt. Snapping open the waistband, the garment fell around my ankles. I lowered my gaze to my silk panties and the outline of my pussy lips that showed clearly through the thin material. A wet patch made the silk almost transparent. Slowly I peeled them away from my pussy and having removed them I held the damp gusset to my nose, inhaling the scent of my sex.

Now sitting on a chair I feel the cold leather on my buttocks and leaning forward I switch on the light I use for my makeup. Turning the lamp toward me the beam lights up my vagina and I can see the pink folds of flesh in the mirror. The light reflects on the sticky fluid that leaks from within my most secret place. I part my legs even more and rest my feet on the dressing table. My sex is now open to my gaze and my eyes take in the swollen lips that protect the entrance to my love tunnel. Slowly I trace a path up the inside of my thigh, my fingers ever closer to my sex. I circle my mound wanting, no needing, to touch myself yet wanting to prolong the pleasure. As I look at my breasts in the mirror I see two erect nipples and a hand closing over one breast. I feel the hardness of my nipple under my palm and squeeze the firm flesh. Lower between my open thighs I watch as a bead of love juice slowly escapes my lips and runs down my buttocks.

The image in the mirror clouds and becomes a head of golden hair and I feel the warm breath as a tongue laps at the entrance to my vagina.. Two hands now between my thighs I open myself to receive this tongue. Pulling my swollen lips apart and pushing against this tongue I feel it inside me as a stream of my own special honey runs from me onto the chair. The scent of my sex begins to fill the air. My nostrils breathe in this intoxicating aroma. A message goes from my brain to the nerve endings of my vagina and I shudder as a contraction grips my cunt. Easing forward on the chair I can see my clitoris peeping from under its hood like a minature penis.

The tongue leaves the soft pink flesh of my slit and licks greedily at the juice that coats the lips of my vulva. I jump as it makes contact with my clit. Realising it pleases me the tongue circles my clit then I feel the tip just flicking my bud. Mini contractions cause my pussy to pulsate and I thrust my hips rhythmically as the tongue resumes fucking my swollen pleasure pit.

The image fades and I find it is my fingers deep inside me and a slick coating of love juice glistens on my pubic mound. My free hand gathers the honey and my fingers go instinctivly to my mouth. Pausing as I inhale deeply that wonderful musky scent that almost reduces me to an animal. An animal that is fast losing all control. An animal that has one goal, the orgasm that is building deep inside me.

I feel an emptiness as my fingers leave the warm softness of my vagina, covered with my own lubricant they slip onto my hardened clitoris now fully exposed. A low moan escapes my lips as I feel my cunt muscles contract hard and a stream of slippery fluid runs from my lips onto the seat below my buttocks and drips onto the carpet. My fingers enjoy the feel of my bud which is now craving attention. It is almost the point of no return as my fingers slide over my clitoris. I pause, not wanting it to end yet wanting that orgasm that still hovers just below the surface like a volcano waiting to erupt.

I see my sex in the mirror, surprised at how big my clit has become and how much the entrance to my vagina has opened up. Such is my arousal I see a contraction as I look with wonder at my vulva. Just to see it in this state of arousal excites me and I allow a finger to trace the outline of my lips. The animal in me takes over and I thrust one, two, three fingers hard inside me and begin a rhythmical fucking movement. My other hand is busy on my clit as I feel an uncontrollable urge begin to invade my body. Again mini contractions shake me, I am seconds away from orgasm, my cunt muscles grip my fingers as if pulling them deeper inside me.

Quietly I relax and slowly, slowly withdraw my fingers coated with my love juice. I am so close to orgasm the slightest movement on my mound will tip me over the edge. I feel an overpowering desire to make it happen. Somehow I resist the urge and reach out for a banana that lies close to my chair. It is almost green and firm to the touch. With shaking hands I quickly peel back the skin and drop it on the floor. The curved flesh is firm in my hand as I bring it to my mouth. Liberally coated with saliva I lower my hand and jump as the cool flesh touches my lips. Carefully I slide the fruit inside my cunt savouring the feel of the flesh on the wall of my vagina. It slides easily deep inside me lubricated with my juice. Eyes closed I lay quietly savouring the feeling of fullness then slowly I allow it to slide out of me as I squeeze my cunt muscles. Now coated with my cum juice I suck it as if it were a big hard cock, the taste of my juice renewing my need for release.

In the mirror I see my clit hard and almost purple, my cunt lips open and my juices glistening in the light. Again I slide the banana slowly inside me and begin slowly fucking myself. My nipples stand hard as I raise a hand and squeeze my breast. Somewhere deep inside me a tension is building so strong a need so intense that there is no stopping it this time. Every touch on my breast every thrust of the phalic fruit takes me one step closer. The need, urgent now, takes control of my body, controls the thrusting in my cunt. My heels dig into the carpet as I raise myself off the chair, my hips thrusting down as the banana fucks me. Finally I can hold back no longer and my hand goes to my clit. It is so sensitive I can hardly bear the touch, yet I cannot control myself. Faster and faster my fingers move over that turgid bud. Small tremors shake my body and uncontrolled spasms run through me. I am panting for breath and I feel intoxicated with the pungent aroma of sex that fills the air.

Suddenly there is a feeling of calm, my whole body is rigid as a board, my muscles are in spasm. I am absolutely on the edge, if I did nothing the orgasm would still be there. For an instant my hand is still, my body is still, my arousal is at its peak. Then.........I allow my finger to ride over the very tip of my clit, slowly it circles, slippery with my cum juice and my whole pelvic area explodes as one, two, three, four, five contractions rocket through my cunt. Juice runs from my slit as my contractions squeeze out the slippery banana, I see coloured lights and my head pounds. My legs jerk uncontrollably, spasms shake me. By now my hand is a blur on my clit. I can feel the spasms in my cunt and as my movements slow the contractions slow as well and a feeling of calm descends over me. As I lay still in the confines of my chair I can feel my cunt muscles just rippling as they come down from that wonderful peak. One last time I run my fingers over my mound, gathering my juice, and suck them clean.

For now I am satisfied........until next time.



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