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Playing House

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I was reminded of this story when I ran into this girl, who we'll call Steph, the other day. Turns out she just had a kid. Made me think about when we were kids.
Steph's brother Corey was two weeks older than me. Steph was only a year younger than her brother. So, when Corey and I used to hang out in his basement and play with GI Joe's or Atari, Steph would usually tag along. When you are 9 years old, the last thing you want is the annoying 8 year old bugging you. So, every so often, we'd give into what she wanted to do. Most of the time she wanted to play house.
Now, Steph and I had to be the mother and father because the whole brother-sister mother-father thing was 'icky.' So, Steph and I would do the mother and father thing. Most of the time Corey would get bored and go outside. Steph and I would end up under the pool table. You know, because mom and dad had to go to bed.
We didn't know what we were doing. We'd kiss and grope each other to start. It would usually turn into us pulling our shirts up (at the time, we both looked the same) and pull our pants down (where we didn't look the same). We figured out that touching each other definitely made us feel good. Steph would touch my erection and squeeze it and during our little makeout session, she would end up stroking it. She would yank on it for what seemed like hours and of course nothing would happen. She'd let me touch her between her legs with my fingers, usually after she or I would suck on them to make it wet.
This went on for a while, usually every few Saturdays for a year or two. It stopped once Corey and I started going through puberty and trying to figure out what was happening. We were being babysat one night around age 11 or 12 while both of our parents were out, so naturally all three of us ended up in Corey and Steph's basement. Steph started teasing Corey about having hair in his pants and asked me if I had any. Embarrassed, I refused to answer. Finally, Corey changed the subject to her wearing a training bra. This time, she clammed up. So, we made a deal. We'd show her the hair in our pants, if she showed us what was inside the training bra.
So, we tore down naked to see Corey's boner, covered in dark black hair, my wood with red hair and Steph's little bumps. What Steph didn't know was that she had some hair growing in. Little strands of black hair covering her pussy. I leaned over and kissed her and made a comment about us playing house. She immediately ran her hand through my pubes and started touching my penis. I had figured out how to make myself cum, so I showed her how to stroke me. Corey felt left out and started stroking himself. After a good rubbing, Corey ripped a load on his sister. Inspired by that, I blew a load on her. So, here we are, have hung, spent, sitting in a circle and Steph is COVERED in cum. Just covered in it. We sat there for a second and just broke out into a wild laughter. We grabbed some towels and cleaned her up.
That was the last time we did that, sadly.



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