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Super Bowl Party

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My naturists friends, Michael and Cheryl, invited me to a clothing optional party on Super Bowl Sunday. 

The party was for planned for five couples, besides the hosts, their daughter Melissa and her friend David would be there.  Two other couples, I’ll call them Bob and Carol, and Ted and Alice, would also be there.  I knew everyone as I had enjoyed a few uneventful, naked afternoons with them last summer.  Michael knows about my wife's situation and said that I could bring a friend or he could invite a single lady.  If I couldn’t make it, they would invite another couple so I had to give him an answer ASAP.


My friend Gloria had invited me to another Super Bowl party.  We met at my wife’s neurologist’s office about six years ago, she was there with her father.  She told us about a group that meets once a week at the city’s senior recreation center, to sing or get painting lessons.  Music and art help Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, many patients can’t remember their names but they can remember the songs. 


My wife and I enjoy singing and we were there nearly every week until Covid shut it down and we lost contact with Gloria.  


The week before Michael’s invitation, I had a doctor appointment that happened to be near the senior center, on the same day as the group sing.  The office visit ended as the group gathering was about to start so I decided to join in.  A few moments after entering the building, I hear someone shout “GUNNY”, it was Gloria.  She ran to me, gave me a big hug and a nice kiss of the lips.  She nearly knocked me over.  After the group sing, we had lunch and she asked me to take her to a Super Bowl party. Gloria also offered to cook dinner for me the following week.  At dinner, I mentioned Michael’s invitation to a clothing optional party and Gloria said that sounds like fun, but she wasn’t sure if she could get naked in front of so many people.  After the table was cleared and the dish washer was loaded, we moved to the living room and Gloria asked more questions about Michael’s party.  Then said that we could practice being naked with each other.  Being a nurse herself, she has seen a lot of naked people but it has been years since she was naked with a man.  So, she goes into her bedroom, strips and returns to the living room wearing a robe.  I undressed in the bathroom and returned wearing just a towel.  Gloria takes a deep breath and slowly drops her robe.  Gloria is a curvy, 5’ 8” tall, with black hair streaked with gray, about 60 years old. She has large breasts, 34DD, narrow waist, wide hips and a round butt.  Her nipples looked like Hershey’s kisses.  Gloria asked if I liked and I stood, dropped my towel, revealing my 6” boner.  Neither one of us wanted to have intercourse but everything else was on the table, and we did.  



On the way to the party, Gloria asked about the other couples.  Michael is a few years older than me.  Bob and Ted are a little younger than me.  Their wives and Cheryl are similar in age and 20-30 lbs. overweight.  Melissa and David between 55-60 years old and in better shape than the rest of us.  Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice are swingers, each couple has asked me to join them in a MMF but I declined.  I did tell Gloria that Melissa wanted me to fuck her but I only let her jerk me off.  Gloria also asked about sexual activity at these parties and I told her that it doesn’t happen at Michael and Cheryl’s parties.



Arriving at the house, Cheryl told us to keep our clothes on, we are going to start the party playing strip craps.


Each guest drew a number from 2 to 12, no number 7.  If numbers 4-5-6-8-9-10 are thrown, the person with that number will remove one article of clothing.  If numbers 2-3-11-12 are thrown, that person will remove two articles of clothing as the odds of the dice landing on those numbers are higher than the other group.  If a 7 is thrown, it’s craps and no action is taken.  If a Hard 6 or 8 (3-3 or 4-4) the person with that number will put one piece of clothing back on as the odds of the dice landing on a 6 or 8 are the lowest.   Each couple put $20 in the pot and the last person to have any clothes on takes the pot.  Each person took a turn throwing the dice, and as guest with the corresponding number removed an item, he or she would move to the center of the room and take a twirl.  This went on until everyone was naked except Cheryl, who was fully clothed as her number 3 was never thrown.  Cheryl then moved to the center of the room and did a strip tease.  When she was down to next to nothing, some of us started stuffing money into her panties.  Gloria loved the game as it let her ease into being naked in front of strangers.  Prior to the party, we had all been naked together, except Gloria of course, and when she removed her last article of clothing, her bra, and did her twirl, I was not the only one with an erection.  


During the game, I suggested, as a joke, that we take turns making a come bet and if the number seven is thrown before your number, you have to masturbate.   In craps, you place a bet in the Come space. As an example, the number 5 is thrown and your bet is moved to the number 5 on the layout.  If 5 is thrown before the number 7 is thrown, you win.  If 7 is thrown before 5, you lose your bet.  It wasn’t that kind of party so we all just laughed it off.



The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the company, the pre-game festivities and the food, I brought a tray of Texas Twinkies.  Surprisingly, very little alcohol was consumed, Melissa, David and Gloria shared a bottle of wine and the rest of us drank a soft drink, water or coffee.  As we are all considered seniors, eligible for AARP membership, the party broke up before half time.  



Gloria invited me in, but I opted to just kiss her goodbye, thanked her for a great afternoon and left.  We met for lunch a few times since but no other activity.  During my semi-annual appointment, my cardiologist found an abnormality and suggested no physical activity until further testing is completed. 




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