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Playing Doctor With My Cuz

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I am a 23 year old single lady who is currently unattached. This happened back when I was 13. At that age I was pretty innocent, I didn't know much about boys and sex, but I had entered puberty and was wearing a bra by then. My cousin (14 at the time) was staying with us for a week when this happened one afternoon. We had the house to ourselves and we were playing video games (mostly I was just watching him play video games, I was never very good at them). I was getting pretty bored so I suggested that we play doctor like when we were little.

He seemed to like that idea and said he would be the doctor. He told me to take off my clothes except for my underwear, lay down on the rug, and tell him when I was ready for him to come back in. I thought this sounded fun and it was my idea after all, so I stripped down to my bra and panties and told him to come back in.

He came in holding a magazine like it was a clipboard or something and pretended to take notes with a pencil as he asked me about my age and my health. I was sitting up on the rug, feeling a little bit funny about him seeing me in just my bra and panties, but this was definitely more fun that watching him play video games. Then he asked me to lie back so he could check my heart rate. He felt around my chest a little bit, trying to feel my heart beat. Then he said, 'Miss, we will need you to remove your bra so I can hear your heart properly.' I giggled and unhooked my bra and laid back down. I had rather smallish breasts at that age, A-cup I believe. He began to touch the tender flesh of my breasts and said he could feel my heart beating. It was probably beating pretty fast at that point so I don't see how he could miss it! Then he said he needed to check for lumps and began to gently touch all around my breasts with both hands. My nipples were getting rock hard and every time he touched them it shot jolts of electricity down between my legs.

Next he said I needed to turn over on my belly so he could check my back. His hands ran down my back to the top of my ass and said he would need to remove my panties. I hesitated a minute, then I lifted up a little so he could pull them down. Now I was completely naked playing doctor with my cousin! He started to run his hands lightly over my butt cheeks and it felt really good. I could feel myself getting tingly feelings between my legs. Then he said he was going to need to take my temperature, and I felt his fingers spreading my ass cheeks apart as he proceeded to press the pencil eraser against my anus. I relaxed a bit and it easily slipped inside a little bit, and now I know my pussy was getting wet. He wiggled the eraser around before he pulled it back out (OMG!!), and said I needed to turn back over so he could complete the exam.

After I was flat on my back again, he could clearly see my thick brown curly pussy hair and he placed his hands on each foot and gently guided them closer to me so my knees were bent. He gently spread my legs apart and now my pussy was fully exposed to him. He was talking less than before, he seemed really excited to be face-to-face with a real live pussy. I was excited too, I felt my pussy getting wetter, my juice was literally running down over my asshole to the rug below. He proceeded to gently spread my lips apart with his fingertips and took his time exploring the inner folds of my pussy. After a while I felt a little embarrassed so I said, 'Okay, you've been the doctor long enough, now it's my turn.

We switched roles, I got dressed, he got undressed and laid on his back wearing just his underpants as I waited outside the door. 'You can come in now doctor,' he said. I opened the door and the first thing I saw was his penis was standing straight up in his tighty whities. It looked huge, in fact I don't know how it even fit in there. I tried not to stare at it and proceeded to kneel down and check his heart like he had mine. I looked back down at his underpants and I could see that the tip of his penis was actually sticking out of his waistband and it looked kind of painful. 'Is it always like that?' I asked. He lifted his head up and looked at it and said, 'Only sometimes when it gets excited.' 'Well, it must really be excited because it's sticking out of the top of your underwear!' I said. 'Maybe we should slip these off,' I said as I began pulling down his underwear. Now I was face-to-face with a real live penis, the first one I had ever seen, and it was stiff as a board. It seemed to be pulsing with his heartbeat, up and down, and it was probably 7 inches long at least. He had hair down there just like me, and his balls were huge, they were hanging down past his asshole.

First I took his ball sac in my hands and began gently rubbing it, I had never imagined that balls would be so big like that. After a few minutes, I noticed that he had a string of clear fluid hanging down from the tip of his penis. 'What's that?' I asked, 'Are you peeing?' 'No, it leaks like that when it gets really excited,' he said, 'If you rub it, more stuff will come out.' I asked him a bunch of questions after that because I really didn't know about boys and cum and so forth. He explained that if you rub it, white gooey stuff comes out, and it's kind of like glue. Well, this I had to see, so as a curious young women I proceeded to explore his penis further.

I encircled his erect penis with my thumb and forefinger just under its purple head and instinctively began to gently pull up and down on it. He seemed to like it and he laid back flat on the rug again so I had his penis and balls all to myself. His penis looked so hard, but his skin felt soft. I wrapped my whole hand around it and continued gently pulling up and down on it until I noticed more clear liquid was coming out. 'More just came out,' I said, 'Is that what you meant?' 'Yes,' he said, 'but keep going and more stuff will come out.' As I continued tugging, I noticed that his balls were pulled up and his sac was now like one big round ball. He started to breathe a little heavier, and he said, 'The stuff is going to come out now, keep going!' So I did, I continued tugging up and down on that stiff penis until it erupted and began spraying sperm out like a fire hose! The first shot squirted all the way up over his shoulder, then jet after jet blasted out of his cockhead all over the place. After 6 or 7 squirts came out, his whole stomach and chest were covered with the stuff. I remember I squealed in delight and kept tugging saying, 'Oh my god, oh my god!' I had no idea so much would come out and that it would squirt out so far like that!!! It was definitely the coolest thing I had ever seen in my 13 years and I told my cousin so.

Afterwards we got dressed and cleaned up, and went about the rest of the day keeping our little secret to ourselves. We never played doctor again after that, but it is one of my fondest memories growing up. I hope you enjoyed it....I am so horny now that I am going to have to give my dripping slot a thorough flogging!!! Happy jacking and jilling everyone!!!



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