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Honeymoon Story 1 - My Maid Outfit

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Rod and I finally got married a week and a bit ago, so there has been a lack of our stories but we have a fair few to share


I've seen a few stories that Rod and I have posted, not all of them though but i'm happy that at least some were posted up for all to enjoy. We havent been posting up because we have been too busy enjoying ourselves and getting the wireless network setup for the laptop, albeit we use the laptop for inspiration (when we can find some decent images ;))

Anyway we are on our honeymoon still at a private beach house, and have been here for just over a week, and plan to stay a week or so longer

i have a story for all to read that took place last night

Rod and i had pretty much held off from the sexual activity with just minor stuff here and there as we wanted to have one good orgasm each or at least one anyway. I had purchased a maid outfit that was similar to the style, well how can I put it, if any of you have seen the Japanese Animation He is My Master, its similar to that, just google images on it, you will see what i mean. anyway the maid outfit was in that sort of style, fairly dressy/frilly type stuff down the bottom part while quite free up top, Rod didn't know about this at all, as i wanted to keep it a secret, and i knew he would get a kick out of the gloves as they felt quite soft and caressing like, which he loves. (such a softy he is haha)

I tell him to sit on the couch downstairs, as the bedrooms are upstairs, its only bedrooms upstairs by the way, and i get changed.

To even things out i find a pair of gloves for him to wear, and just to poke fun i find a pair of frilly ones that i like (and use from time to time) for Rod to have on, and since he doesnt like wearing those sort, its all the more fun for me

I call out by the stairs to say that i'm about to come down and tell him to get ready.

I hear him move the couch around and wait for him to yell out that he is ready as well.

After he calls out i slowly walk down the stairs, hitting each step with some force so my breasts jiggle as i come down, i have my hands behind my back the whole time so he can't see the gloves I'm holding.

I slowly walk over to him, in a sexy sort of style and i see a slight bulge in his pants as he has a pretty good idea at what is coming, or so he thinks.

I then have a big grin on my face and show him what I'm holding

He laughs then starts shaking his head

"oh yes you are" I tell him "or we stop here and now" and I then toss the gloves onto his lap.

I slowly take down the sides of the dress to reveal my breasts, with my nipples erect this gets him hard even more as now there is almost a teepee in his pants. I tell him to put them on or I just finish myself off and he cant relieve himself

He then obeys and puts the frilly gloves on, albeit not with the most happy look on his face, but I smile with glee, as this is the first time ive gotten him to wear any glove of this kind (or clothing for that matter)

I then unzip is pants and outpops is erect cock ready and rearing to go, with precup glistening on the top. I get turned on by him in the gloves as I know what they are like, so I sit on his lap, sitting on his cock so its flat, I hike up my dress a bit and get him to start rubbing my inner thighs.

we soon move to the floor and I have him essentially fingering me. He slowly moves in and out with his index and middle finger and I start breathing heavily. I can tell he is enjoying this as much as I am as he has his cock out still and precum is start to drip, he occasionally plays with his cock, which is a good sign cause I can tell he likes the gloves he has on, although feels kind of degraded due to the girlish-ness about them, but tells me later on that he didnt mind it overly and only would do it once every odd occasion.

i move the top half of my dress down more so that my breasts are more free, and hikes up my dress more. He starts fingering faster and faster till I orgasm. The fingering onslaught continues, with each consecutive orgasm more intense than the last. I'm moaning and groaning and also paralyzied in orgasm.

It is the greatest orgasm chain I've had ever and he still continues. He stops fingering but just plays around the outside of my vagina and occasionally goes onto my clit.

I am crying in extacy and i just scream out "Just fuck me!"

He then tears off (not literally) the gloves, grabs my hand and I cup his cock in it and i just give one good pull and he shoots the biggest load he has ever had, going all over my outfit and up to my neck. He then lays down ontop of me and clasps my hands into his.

"My god those are fucking great" referring to my maid gloves.

We lie there for about a minute as i regain my breath.

To which then leads onto sex for the first time with each other

*we used protection of course*

many more stories of our honeymoon soon



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