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Piano Lesson in Bed - Part 4

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My brother's experience with our piano teacher-in my own words.


My brother submitted a couple of stories about his sexual experiences with my two girlfriends earlier this year, who, by the way, just happen to be the daughters of our piano teacher. My brother Michael and I have been taking lessons from Mrs. H (Lucy) since we were five and six years of age, and I've been friends with her two daughters ever since. Also, I submitted a story back in September (Piano Lesson In Bed, part 3) about the sexual experience that I had with my piano teacher. The story that I am going to share with you now is my brother's experience with Mrs. H. and just let me say, it's more erotic than my own experience with her...maybe because I was the one who set the whole thing up.

After my hot, wet encounter with Mrs. H, I was feeling pretty good and I just happened to mention to her that Michael thought about her when he masturbated. 'Really' she replied, a lustful look in her eye. The tone of her voice suggested that she wouldn't mind seeing that for herself. She asked me if I wouldn't mind asking him if he'd like to do it in her company...just the two of them. So I asked him and he offered no hesitation, although he probably thought I was yanking his chain. So, since he didn't believe me, I called our piano teacher and told her that Michael didn't believe me. I think that he initially thought that I was talking to one of her daughters, but I handed him the phone, with some hesitation on his part, and let him talk to Mrs. H himself. Was he surprised. Especially when she asked him to come over for a private lesson on the house, that is if he didn't tell anyone. 'I'll be right over', I believe were his exact words.

I can't even begin to describe the look on my brother's face when he hung up the phone. Although, a quick glance at the bulge in his pants said it all. I reached down and gently caressed his throbbing cock and whispered in his ear, 'I want to hear every last, erotic, sexual detail as soon as you get home.' He just nodded his head, took a quick shower and raced over to Mrs. H's house. As soon as he left I went to my room and gave myself a good jilling. The thought of what my brother was about to experience had my panties soaked and my nipples hard and erect. I can still smell the scent of my juices lingering as I sit here and type Michael's experience. Of course, he's sitting on my bed directly behind me in a trance, as this event just happened this morning. I can smell her perfume all over him, not to mention his own sexual scent. The smell of her perfume, my bother's sexual aroma and the smell of my own juices has me so turned on. It's going to be difficult to type, but here it goes. I wanted to tell this one while it was fresh in my mind.

When Michael arrived at Mrs. H's house, Mrs. H answered the door, invited Michael in, and asked him if he wanted anything to drink. Being a guy, he respectfully said no thanks...hoping to get right to the action no doubt. I'm sure Mrs. H could sense his enthusiasm, knowing that he had heard about my encounter with her. Still, she invited him into the living room for some light conversation. She wanted to tease him a bit, but not too much. She asked him how college was going, if he was still playing the piano regularly, which he replied 'yes' and if he had a girlfriend, which he shyfully said 'no'.

'I know you've had some intimate moments with my two daughters,' she said, hoping to get him going a little. He respectfully replied, 'yes Mrs. H, but...' She could tell he was nervous and interrupted him by saying, 'listen sweetheart, I'm not reprimanding you. I just wanted to know if you enjoyed them.'

He smiled, relaxed a little and replied, 'oh yeah!'

'Do you want to go up stairs and get more comfortable?' she asked, as she reached over and massaged his arm and neck. Before he could reply she commented, 'Oh Michael, you are so tense. How about I get rid of that tension?' Once again, before he could answer, Mrs. H stood up, walked behind Michael, who was sitting in a reading chair, and began to massage his neck. As she did, she reached down and undid some of his shirt buttons so she could get better access to his shoulders. It wasn't long before his shirt was off and she was massaging his entire upper body, accompanied by a little nipple fondling to really get him aroused. It didn't take long for her to notice my bother's growing cock. She bent down, gently kissed his neck, and whispered in his ear, 'would you like me to massage anything else sweetheart?'

Michael simply replied, 'okay'.

She took his left hand, gave him a warm smile and led him upstairs to her bedroom. Once there, she unbuttoned her blouse but purposely left it on, exposing her sexy bra, belly and midsection, providing a very titilating view. Michael was getting harder by the second and could feel the precum leaking from the tip of his cock.

In fact, he's looking over my shoulder as I'm typing this telling me what to type. He's caressing my tits, thinking that that will get me to do what he wants. 'I'll finger you real nice,' he says. 'Go away and let me finish,' I reply. He walks away, reluctantly. Little does he know that he is going to finger me...but later, after I jill to the proofreading of this story.

Anyway, back to the story. After she unbuttons her blouse, she runs her fingers through his hair, pulls him close to her body and plants a long, wet kiss on his lips. It wasn't long before her tongue was all over his. He told me that her body up against his nearly made him cum on the spot. He nervously reached around, placing his hands underneath her blouse and gently caressed her back. He wanted to undo her bra but was too nervous. I know the feeling. When I was with her, she pretty much initiated everything. Maybe next time I'll have the courage to initiate something. Maybe Michael and I will initiate a threesome with her...we've already discussed it, briefly.

His caress produced several soft moans from her, which drove him wild. The fact that he made an older women moan gave him so much confidence. She also whispered in his ear, 'Michael, you feel so good. I haven't been with a real man in such along time.' With that she unzipped his jeans, reached in and grabbed his underwear waist band and belt and pulled his pants down to his knees. Michael told me that her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she glanced down at his erection. It was like she hadn't seen one in a really long time. The lustful look in her eyes produced a long stream of precum shooting through the veins of his cock. He felt like he had cum, but he knew it was just his prejaculatory juices working overtime. 'What a awesome feeling,' he told me.

She pushed him onto the bed, reached down and pulled off his sneakers, pulled his pants all the way off, and then proceeded to give my brother the best striptease of his short adult life. Wow, what a way to enter adulthood. He commented, 'Your breasts are so beautiful. Your body is so...' She dropped to the bed next to him, leaving him unable to speak. She then began to caress his stomach very lightly, moving her fingers up and down tweaking his nipples, softly kissing and ocassionally licking his neck. She also sucked and nibbled on his nipples while her hand made it down to his cock and balls. He told me that she took her nails, what little she had, and began scratching his balls ever so lightly. His ball sack was as hard a rock at this point.

They both slowly moved to face each other and sensing that Michael wanted to touch her, led his hand down to her soaking wet cunt. 'You want to play with my kitty?' she asked him, staring seductively into his eyes the whole time. He caressed her outer lips for a while and after getting up the nerve, plunged his middle finger into her pussy. Once again, this produced another soft moan, which she let out into his ear. Her warm breath, soft moan and ball scratching was all he could take. He could feel that his cock was about to explode, so he pulled her close, his cock up against her ass cheek and thigh, and let out a soft moan, as his lips were pressed up against her neck.

'Oh yeah sweetie, let it all out. I can feel your warm cum all over my thigh. Let it out baby. I'm loving every drop of it. I want your cum all over my body. You feel so good.'

He told me that she grabbed his ass, pulling him tighter against her thigh, wanting him to hump her thigh and drain every last drop of cum. The heat between them was exhilerating and suffocating all at the same time. I couldn't have said it any better myself. He also told me that they just laid there next to each other for a long time. Her breathing was heavy as she gave his ear a good tongue lashing. He was in a sexual trance, willing to do anything at that moment that she'd have asked of him...but she didn't. He wanted to please her, but she told him that he could do that next time. Just the thought of a next time was good enough for him.

My brother is currently standing behind me, naked, wanting a hand job-apparently still turned on from his earlier excitement. Who am I to let him down. I should add, my brother's cock is an awesome piece of meat. He says it's about six inches, but the thing is about a foot from my face as I type, and I can tell you that it's a good eight inches long. The tip is so bulbous and purple, I can just imagine Mrs. H's look of lust when she saw it for herself...and I'm sure she enjoyed his balls as well. They are huge beyond description. I'm gonna have to end this now so I can start running my nails all over that sack. I can't wait to wrap my hands around his huge dick. Happy Jilling-Michelle.



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