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It Just Happened

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My mom works every Saturday and in August she dropped me off at the rec center swimming pool on her way to work and was going to pick me up when she was done at 5 oclock. By one o'clock it got real cloudy and was raining hard and it got real cold out and everybody was going home. I live pretty far away and everybody was going home and I couldn't get in touch with my mom. This guy Richie said I could go to his house as he only lived a block away from there. It was windy and raining and cold when we ran to his house. I have known him since I was in third grade.

When we got to his house nobody was home and I was real cold and all I had was a wet towel and my wet bathing suit. He went upstairs and came down with a towel around his waist and gave me a dry towel. He told me to take off my bathing suit and put the towel on. He went into the kitchen to make us a sandwich and I took off my bathing suit and put the towel around me. After we got done eating we went back in his living room to watch tv and that's when we started to kiss. We ended up laying on the floor just making out for awhile and he kept trying to touch my breasts but I wouldn't let him at first. He was almost on top of me and I felt his penis on my leg and knew he had a erection.

I was getting aroused by all the kissing we were doing and at first didn't know he opened his towel. When I looked down I saw his penis and he just pulled my towel open. At first I was going to stop him but I let him touch my breasts. I do masturbate sometimes but have never let a guy do this before and I knew I was aroused by it and just let him keep touching me. When he touched my vagina it felt so good I didn't try to stop him. He pulled my arm down enough and put my hand on his penis. I never touched a guys penis before and the only other penis I ever saw was my little cousins. He sort of moved my hand and even though I never jerked a boy off I started doing it to him and he started fingering me.

I was so excited I think I had two or three climaxes. He came all over my hand and some of his semen went on the rug. When we were done I was so embarrassed I almost cried. I finally got in touch with my mom and put my wet bathing suit back on and went home. I was embarrassed at what we did but I knew I liked it. The next day Richie called me on the phone and said he was sorry about it and just told me he really liked me a lot. A few days later I went to the pool again and Richie was there to. I talked to him for hours and we even kissed again. The next week my mom dropped me off again and Richie said nobody was home again at his house. My mom wasn't coming back for me for a few hours so again I went to his house and we ate lunch and then started making out again. This time in his room.

I let him pull down and take off my bathing suit and he took his off to. And we made out naked and masturbated each other. Since then we did it twice more in August and five times in September. The last time was this past weekend. When my mom went to work on Saturday he came over my house. We just talked for awaile and had something to eat. I was even still in my pajamas when he got here and when he asked me to undress I did it willingly and he undressed as I did. We went to my room and made out for over an hour and masturbated each other. We both just put a towel around us and watched tv for awhile and ate again.

By that time it was two in the afternoon and my mom doesn't come home until about 5 oclock. We started making out again naked and he was on top of me kissing me I told him we can't have intercourse as I am a virgin so he said ok. He slowly came down kissing and sucking on my breasts and then started masturbating me at the same time. I was so turned on by it I was almost screaming and don't even know how many times I had an orgasm from it. About an hour later we masturbated each other again and it was the best day of sex I ever had. He is going to come over to my house this Saturday again and as much as I think I want to I made him promise not to have intercouse with me and made him promise not to tell any of his friends what we do. He is almost a year younger than me but that don't bother me much. I really like him a lot.



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