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Peeping and Sniffing

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Recently two of my wife's sisters and four nieces came to visit us. One of the sisters is older than my wife and the other one younger. The four nieces range in age from 18 to 28. The Saturday they were there they all went to a festival. I stayed home to cook for the bunch. During the day I kept thinking about how hot all of them were and what I wouldn't give to see them naked. These thoughts led to my cock getting hard so I found their suitcases and looked through them and found some soiled panties. I spent the better part of two hours sniffing their panties and jacking off.

Early that afternoon a thought hit me and I began to plan. I always take a walk around the neighborhood each night and if only I could find a way to spend that time peeping at their naked bodies. I knew they would all take turns showering as soon as they got home and it would be dark before they got back. In a rather short time I devised a plan that could not miss.

Since the only shower was in the master bedroom, I removed the light switch in that bathroom and disconnected one wire. That way the light switch would not work and they could not turn the light on. I carefully put a small piece of tape on the loose wire so as not to cause a problem. When the first person started to take a shower I would inform them that the light did not work but if they turned the lights on in the bedroom they would have plenty of light to shower by. I figured they would strip in the bedroom and take their shower and then come back into the bedroom to get dressed. One of the bedroom windows was behind some shrubs where I could hide and watch. I fixed the blinds in a position that I could clearly see the bedroom.

As planned it was dark when they arrived back at the house. Everyone fixed a drink and about five minutes later the older sister said she was going to shower. I told them about the switch but said they would have ample light from the bedroom. The sister said something about just take a tub bath but my someone else said if everyone took a tub bath they would use up all the hot water. With that the older sister said she would shower. A few minutes after she went to shower I announced that I was going for a walk and would be home when I got tired.

I took my place completely hidden from the street and waited. There was this large shrub on one side a fence on the other side and a fence behind me. It wasn't long until the older sister came out of the bathroom completely naked. Her body was just as beautiful as my wife's. I pulled my cock out and started playing with it. I didn't want to rush things because I wanted to be good and horny when I watched all of them.

Next came my wife's younger sister. What a body this woman has. I continued playing with my cock as I watched her disrobe and then come back into the bedroom and get dressed. One by one the nieces took their turns showering. The one I was most anxious to see was Penny, the eighteen year old and as luck would have it, she was the last one. I was glad I could save my cum for her. Penny undressed and headed for the shower. A word about Penny. She is about 5'8', blond hair, her tits are 38D (I know because I looked at her bra in her suitcase) and the finest ass I have ever seen on a woman.

I was taking pride in my planning and thinking that things could not have gone better while Penny was in the shower but was I ever wrong. My balls and cock were aching to cum and I wanted to do so while watching Penny totally naked. When she came out of the bathroom and into the bedroom she stood in front of the full length mirror on the bedroom wall and admired her body. While she was looking at herself in the mirror her right hand dropped down and she started rubbing her pussy. At first I just thought she was fluffing her pussy hair but then I thought 'Holy Shit! She is going to masturbate.' Penny sat down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs and started rubbing her clit. Her legs were pointed in my direction and I could see her pussy open and every move her hand made. As she rubbed her clit she lay back on the bed and took her other hand and inserted two fingers in her vagina. Her fingers were going in and out of her vagina has she rubbed her clit really fast. I had stopped touching my cock because I knew if I did I would shoot cum all over the side of the house. It wasn't long until Penny's hips arched off the bed and I could tell she was cumming. I grabbed my cock and jacked as hard as I could. I'll bet I didn't stroke it more than three times until I came. And did I ever cum. I thought the cum would never stop spurting out of my cock. I had to brace myself against the side of the house I was so exhausted.

I made sure I didn't cum on my pants, zipped up, composed myself and walked back in the house. My wife commented about my face being red and said you had a long walk tonight didn't you. I assured her I did. A few minutes later Penny walked into the room where everyone was sitting and said, 'That was great! I hope you all enjoyed your shower as much as I did.' I looked at Penny and said, 'Did it feel good?' She said, 'It sure did.' Someone made a comment that when you are hot and tired a good hot shower always feels good.

Needless to say I now look at each of those family members differently. When I look at them I picture them standing in the bedroom completely naked. By the way, the next day I took a pair of Penny's dirty panties and kept them. I have jacked off while licking the crotch and smelling her panties for the past two weeks. There is not one bit of juice in the crotch of those panties. I have cleaned them good.



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