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My Babysitter Was a Great Teacher

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Learning about masturbation from my babysitter.


When I was almost fourteen, my parents took off on a second honeymoon leaving me on the farm with a "babysitter" - a rather plain, seventeen year old, friend of a friend - who was to cook the meals and keep the house and me clean and tidy for school. Debbie was training to be a children's nurse/governess and needed practical experience. Fortunately, she was a fair cook and a really good sport so we got on well. She had grown up on a dairy farm and was very down to earth about everything. She helped me with the farm chores and coped really well. She took a great interest in the pigs, especially when I put the boar in with a sow on heat and even had a good giggle when the old boar slipped out and shot his bolt all over her. I would help her with the dinner and washing-up, then we would play cards or scrabble until it was time for a shower and bed. By the end of the first week, we were like old friends.

On Saturday we went for a long ride around the boundary, arriving back late and tired. After dinner, I ran a bath, to ease our aching muscles. Debbie went first and left a delightfully feminine aroma, which sent my pulse racing. I was lying back in the bath, in seventh heaven, tweaking my erect adolescent penis when she opened the door, which I hadn't closed properly. Caught like a rabbit in the lights, I froze.
"Just need to clean my teeth" she explained, picking up her toothbrush. Turning back as she started brushing she mumbled through the foam "it's OK. We all do that".
I sat up to hide my nakedness and asked "I guess you'll tell my parents?"
She spat before replying. "Goodness no, it's nothing to do with them" then adding with a toothpaste grin, "this is just between us. OK?"
I didn't know exactly what she meant but felt an enormous sense of relief.
"OK. Just between us", I confirmed.
She finished rinsing and urged "Come on, lie back again and let me see. Don't try to hide it. You should be proud of it. My brothers are. They love me to look".
By now it was nothing to be proud of but her words set it climbing back towards my navel and respectability.
"I love the way they get big when you look at them, or touch them. Can I?" and without waiting for an answer she sat on the edge of the bath, reached down and squeezed me there. Wow! The end popped out and it was suddenly as hard as a rock.
"How cute! like a rabbit popping out of his burrow!" she exclaimed. "I've not seen that before. My brothers have both been circumcised."
She must have mistaken my look of disbelief for ignorance because she explained "you know, this bit isn't there" as she pushed my foreskin backwards and forwards over the end.
"Does it squirt yet?"
I shook my head and found it impossible not to demonstrate my pre-pubescence with powerful but dry contractions as the climax overwhelmed me.
"Wow! Just as well you don't or you would have drowned me like that boar did!"
When finally I regained my senses I mumbled an apology, which she dismissed with a wave. "That's great! Don't be sorry. Hurry up and finish your bath and come to my room. I'll show you something very special."
Again I didn't know exactly what she meant but enthusiastically followed her instructions. After a quick towelling and even quicker teeth cleaning, I pulled on pyjamas and hurried to her room, knocked and went in. She was already in bed. As I entered she threw back the covers exposing the most beautiful, in fact the only, breasts I had ever seen.
Spellbound, I just stared.
"I forget you don't have a sister. It's OK" she invited, kicking the bedclothes away "have a good look."
My legs were going like jelly so I sat on her bed, as my eyes bored down on the downy hair at her crutch. "Go on, have a proper look" she insisted, drawing up her knees and reaching down to open herself "my brothers still do sometimes. It's like they have forgotten what I'm like down there. Very different from yours, isn't it?"
I guess I was looking for ages, trying to take it all in. Trying to make sense of what I was seeing and what was happening.
"OK. Now watch carefully" she insisted, licking a finger and gently slipping it between the folds of her pussy. Spellbound, I watched as her finger moved slowly round and round then up and down between the folds, but to one side a bit. Sometimes it disappeared completely, then it would suddenly reappear between the folds.
She started making noises, like puppies looking for a teat. They got louder and louder and then she started moaning, like it was hurting.
"Are you all right?"
"Yes, yes. Get those pyjamas off. Come here and cuddle me".
I did as I was told and seconds later I was cuddling up against this beautiful, warm, soft body and she was gasping and squeezing my dick and soon I was having my second climax of the night.
"Oh! Dear! Was that another one? You certainly have a hair trigger!"
She took my hand and put it between her legs where it was quite wet. She still had her knees drawn up. I felt around and started moving my fingers round and round and up and down as she had but after a few minutes one finger suddenly went inside her. It felt incredibly hot in there, tight on the outside but loose further inside. She pulled my finger back out a bit and then pressed my hand hard against her and gave a load moan. She did that a few more times and suddenly the finger inside was being squeezed: once, twice, three times. Then she was lifting me onto her and I was between her knees, pressed against that lovely wet furry crouch, and she had hold of my dick and I was climaxing again.
"Wow! It jumps about like a rabbit" she explained.
Panting I whispered "Just wish I could make spunk."
"Don't be silly. We can only muck about like this because you can't. Spunk makes babies! No spunk means no worries."
"Oh. I see."
"My brothers would always lose interest after they had a climax. Do you still want to look?"
I certainly did and to touch too, so I sat back between her legs and did more of both. It was quite late and she was already snoring when I finally covered us both and went to sleep, with a pretty good knowledge of female anatomy.



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