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One Of My Favorite Fantasies

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On the street that I live, there is a woman who lives next door who is separated but apparently has a well-to-do career. This is obvious from the large house that she lives alone in and the expensive car she drives. Not only that, but she is gorgeous as well; she is probably in her late 40's or early 50's but doesn't look a day over 30, always has a nice tan and wears fancy business attire, even on weekends. The problem is, even with her money and profile, the woman doesn't have any sense of self-reliance. Any time anything happens there is either a repairman or someone there to help, even for something as small as a clogged sink. Not only that, but I have mowed her grass for some time, because I don't think she has ever had to do any type of yard work in her life.

This is where my imagination comes into play. The woman is very real, but the rest of the story is pure fantasy for my own masturbation needs.

One hot afternoon I am at her house mowing her lawn, and just as I finished she stepped out onto the porch and called for me to come inside. She waited for me by the door but before I stepped inside she asked me to take off my dirty shoes and socks so I wouldn't get grass on her floors. Not only that I didn't have a shirt on since it was so warm, so in seconds I was led into her kitchen bare-chested and barefooted. Even though it was a Saturday she had her makeup on and she was wearing a red silk robe and matching backless slippers. She offered me a glass of ice water which I gladly accepted, almost taking down the whole glass in one big gulp, her refilling it as needed. We sat at her kitchen table making small talk for a little while when all of a sudden I start feeling her foot move against my leg. I thought maybe it was an accident but it happened again, this time moving further up. Not only that, but she had an almost evil smile as she was doing this. My heart started pounding because I really don't have any experience with girls (OK, so that part is true...), and I was getting nervous since I didn't know what to expect.

She then got up and switched seats, sitting around the corner from me instead of across like she was. She then slowly lifted her foot and rested it on my knee. She then told me her feet were getting a little hot and asked me if I could remove her slippers for her. My hands were shaking a little but I reached down and gently pulled it off, revealing her warm foot, then switched and had me take off the other one. I set them down on the table and she crossed her ankles and put her feet in my lap. She told me she just had a pedicure the day before and asked me if I liked it. She spread and wiggled her toes for me, showing me her bright red toenails. I nodded and told her I did and she lifted up a foot, asking me if I thought her feet were pretty. Honestly they were, so I said that yes, they are very pretty. She then whispers "smell them, smell my toes". She pushed her foot in my face and I held it took a deep breath, taking in the aroma from between her toes. She giggled and told me that tickled a little, but she liked it. With all this going on, my erection was straining against my gym shorts and I had no way to hide it. She then took her foot back and leaned forward and said to me "OK, I think you know where this is going, now...I want to see your penis." I swallowed hard and could only ask her what she meant. She then stood up and untied her robe, letting it fall to the floor leaving her naked in front of me. I just sat there speechless and she asked me "what, am I the first woman you've ever seen naked? That's cute, but I'm not asking...I'm telling. Show me your penis." I was so nervous I could barely even think, but I stood up and slid down my shorts and underwear, letting them fall to my feet and showing her my iron-hard erection. She then squatted down and looked at it and said "ahh...I think that will work." She then sat back down and said "OK, why don't you start masturbating for me?" I was motionless and she told me "you may not have ever touched a woman's body but I know you've touched yourself, so go ahead and start masturbating. Here, maybe this will help." She then rests her foot on the edge of the table, leaving herself wide open as she started rubbing her vagina in front of me.

I eventually wrapped my hand around my cock and started stroking myself and she said "there you go, keep stroking that big cock of yours. I want you to cum for mommy." I didn't last very long, choking out after only a couple minutes that I was going to cum and she told me to go ahead and shoot, and shoot I did. Thick, white streams of cum spewed out of my penis, landing on her breasts, her leg, my hand and the floor. She smiled and said that was great and that my cum looks yummy, running her finger in it and tasting it. "Mmmmm...I just love the taste of hot cum." She then scooped up a little and held it to my mouth, and I stuck out my tongue and licked it off. I didn't like it as much as she did, but she made me eat more of it as we shared my cum until it was all cleaned up off of us. When the last bit was gone she told me that she needed a release too and started masturbating again as I sat in front of her. I sat there in silence, watching her fingers work their magic on her hungry vagina. She started moaning and licking her lips, sliding her feet around on the floor. Moments later she lets out a sharp gasp, spreading her legs apart and her toes spread just as wide. She bucked and bounced in her chair before finally calming down, smiled and told me that's what a female orgasm looked like. My mouth was partly hanging open, and by that time my cock was sticking straight up again. She then said "well, it looks like you're ready to go again, so why don't we take this party upstairs and I can teach you exactly how to please a lady." She then grabbed my penis and stood me up, leading me to the stairs. When we made it to her room she lit a few candles and laid me down, grabbing a condom out of her night stand and rolling it onto me. That began an afternoon full of sex and orgasms, her not only taking my virginity but also teaching me how to fuck like a man. When I came the final time and couldn't take any more, she finally laid down next to me, thanking me for a fantastic afternoon. She then kissed me and told me that whenever I mow the lawn for her, instead of giving me money, maybe she could pay me the same way she did today. Exhausted, I smiled and said I'd love that. She told me she thought I would, and that I'd better get going before my mom started getting worried. We then went back downstairs and I pulled my shorts and underwear back on and she tied on her robe and pulled her slippers back onto her toes. She walked me to the door and kissed me one more time, telling me that she sees a lot more yard work needing to be done coming up. I just smiled and walked out, grabbing my shoes and walking back home barefoot. When I got back to my house my mom asked me where I was, and I told her there was something that she needed me to look at. She scoffed and shook her head, saying to herself "that woman...always getting everyone to do everything for her." Little did she know...

I went upstairs and jumped in the shower, not being able to believe what just happened to me. The rest of the night all I thought about was her, fucking and masturbating with her, available almost any time I wanted. Late that night when I was in bed, I managed to squeak out one more small cum, not even sure how many orgasms I had that day. I rolled over naked and drifted off to sleep, smiling.


OK, just writing all that, I am leaking pre-cum everywhere and desperately need an orgasm, so I'm going to go stroke myself to a satisfying cum. Don't you just love masturbating?



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