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On the Beach

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A few years ago I spent a week in the south of England. There are some great beaches there and one day, as I was walking in the dunes, I realised that those sunning themselves around me were mostly naked. Later I noticed a guy standing on top of a large sand dune with his cock sticking up stiffly for all to see. Although I'm straight, I was immediately fascinated by this. I walked on a while, then turned to make my way back to where I'd parked my car. As I trudged through the sand and came to roughly where I'd seen the guy with the hard on, I saw him lying in a secluded spot-still sporting his hard-on but now stroking himself gently. I walked slowly past him six feet away but couldn't take my eyes off his hand, gently massaging his stiff cock. I walked a few steps further, out of his sight, but then I stopped; I was turned on by what was happening but very confused by my feelings.

Driven by curiosity but not knowing what to do, I found myself turning round and taking a few tentative paces back towards him. He'd stood up by now and we faced each other; him still slowly wanking his stiff cock and me watching intently. He made some comment about me getting my cock out but I just said, 'No, you do it, I'll just watch'. All the while this was like an out-of-body experience with me-I was in a situation which was completely new to me but I was powerless to stop what was happening and more than a little turned on. At some stage I sat down on a small knoll but not once did I take my eyes off the guy's hand and cock. I was wearing a pair of loose running shorts with a thin cotton inner and I could feel that my own cock was swollen and dribbling with precum even though I hadn't touched it. I sat there, motionless, while the guy continued his session, sometimes going slowly sometimes faster, but all the time getting nearer and nearer to his climax.

How long this lasted I don't know, but I watched intently, studying his technique, watching as he cupped his hairy balls in one hand and slid back his foreskin to reveal his glistening, purple glans. Eventually, it had to happen; he closed his eyes and his wanking became more and more urgent, then I watched even more intently as, with a grunt, he unloaded. Blobs of creamy white spunk shot from his throbbing, purple cock and landed in the warm sand with a series of small splats! Immediately he'd finished, the situation became a little awkward. I think he smiled and said, 'OK?' and I said, 'Yeah, great!', then I stood up and walked away. This whole episode was a huge turn-on for me, and as I walked along my head was spinning with confused emotions and I could feel my cock sliding around in my shorts and soaked with my own juice. It was maybe 15 minutes before I could get myself to a place of privacy, but immediately I had my cock out and had a fantastic wank, all the while fantasising about watching the guy wanking and seeing him shoot his load in the sand. As I wanked, I fantasised that it had been my hand stroking him and making him cum, and if I'd had more experience or known what to expect when walking on that beach that might have happened.

Sadly, I never went back, and nothing similar has happened since, but to this day I still have the urge to touch and hold another guy's cock, to feel it throb and twitch in my hand and to feel the power as I stroke it and bring him to a beautiful climax and watch him cum.

I'm happily married with a fantastic sex life and a great family but I have masturbated all my life, and it's an integral part of life both when I'm alone and with my wife. I've never had the chance to get my hands on another guy's cock, though, and I probably never will, but I'll always remember that day on the beach!



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