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On a Friday after School

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True story!


One day after school, my two friends Jimmy and Danny and I went back to my house. We decided that we would go down to the creek to see the damage that was left from the recent hurricane. When we got there we could see how high the creek had got because of all the mud surrounding it. I said that we should probably stay away so we didn't slip. Jimmy and Danny just decided to ignore me and then went to the muddy area, slipped and fell into the edge of the creek. Now they were covered in mud and water! I knew that was gonna happen...

Now we headed back to my house so that they could get a change of clothes. They didn't bring anything so they both asked if they could borrow some clothes. When we finally got back to my house, I asked them to strip of their clothes down to their boxers because they were covered in mud. While they were doing this I got the washing machine ready. When I came back, they were both standing outside in nothing but boxers, which also ended up being wet. Jimmy is about my size, tall and built, brown hair and brown eyes. Danny is shorter than both of us but had a six pack. He also has brown hair and brown eyes.

I told them both to follow me into the basement where the washing machine was. They both threw their clothes into it and then Jimmy asked 'What should we do with our boxers? they're wet too.' I said 'I guess I could get both of you a pair of boxers to wear but I don't really have any other clothes you can borrow.' I went upstairs and got Jimmy a pair of my black boxer briefs. For Danny, on the other hand, I got him a pair of my brother's blue checkered boxers because he was smaller than me.

I went back downstairs to find them putting their boxers in the washing machine. They were both standing there naked now! I saw Danny first. His dick was only about two inches soft, and cleanly shaven. Jimmy was the complete opposite. His dick was around four to five inches when soft and really hairy. You could tell that he had not shaved in a while. I handed them both the clean pairs of boxers, they put them on and we headed upstairs.

No one else was home so they just took a seat on the couch. We played xbox for quite a while. Jimmy's big bulge was clearly visible in the tight-fitting boxer briefs. You could clearly see the outline of his dick. Every once in a while Danny would put his feet up on the coffee table with his knees bent and his balls and the tip of his dick would sag out the leg of the loose boxers.

After a while of playing xbox without saying anything but screaming when we lost, Jimmy said 'You see, this is why I hate wearing boxer briefs, the feeling of the material rubbing against my dick always gives me a boner. Danny and I both looked over to see that the four or five inch soft bulge had grown to a nine inch hard-on! He wouldn't be able to hide it even if he wanted to. Danny made a comment like 'Why don't you just try to get rid of it...if ya know what I mean.' Jimmy said 'Nah I don't wanna get my cum all over jay's boxers hahaha!!' I agreed.

We kept playing xbox and every once and a while I would look over to see Jimmy adjusting his boner that never seemed to go away. I then noticed that Danny was sticking his hand in his boxers too. I could see up his boxers. He got a boner too! His two-incher grew to a five inch boner, much smaller than Jimmy. I said 'When was the last time you guys jerked off? Because you both have boners...' Danny said he hadn't done it in about a week and began to rub himself through his boxers. Jimmy said, 'I did it this morning in the shower before school with conditioner as lube.' Then he said, 'My older brother saw me right as I was cumming because I accidentally left the shower curtain open a little.'

I finally said that we could jack off, but we would have to be quick. Danny was quick to pull down the boxers and start to jerk. I then pulled down my pants and red boxer briefs and began to jack off. Jimmy slowly pulled his thick nine inch dick through the hole in the black boxer briefs and started jerking. The three of us, in the same room, were jacking off, Danny and Jimmy right next to each other. Jimmy was the first to blow a huge load: Four ropes of cum all over my boxer briefs. He slid them off and sat back down. His boner began to shrink. I came next. I dribbled on my lap. Danny was jerking harder and faster with his hand slapping against his pubic area. He blew his load all over his chest.

Soon after that, when their clothes were dry, they got changed back into their clothes and put my boxer briefs and my brother's boxers into the washing machine since they had cum on them. We haven't talked about this day since but we see each other naked sometimes after gym in the locker room, etc.



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