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Nude Sunbathing

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Fourteen was a very awkward age for me sexually. I had a pretty good idea what sex was, but absolutely no idea how to go about getting someone to have sex with me. Here I was with a rapidly growing sex drive and nothing to do with it.

I'd heard the other boys at school talking about masturbation, but I thought it sounded quite weird. The full extent of my sexual activity happened in the bathtub. I'd think about a girl and watch my penis grow hard. Then I'd think about something else until it got soft. Never did try stroking it.

A few of times when I was home alone, I would sunbathe nude out in the backyard, hoping someone would see. I think Mrs. Meyer in back of us saw me while she was doing dishes, but she never said anything. So I tried thinking of girls while sunbathing nude in the back yard. Don't know what that was supposed to accomplish, but I did enjoy the summer breeze dancing around my hardon.

While Ethan and I weren't best friends, we did spend some time together, especially during the summer. I was enjoying nude sunbathing with a very hard dick when I heard Ethan say, 'Cool!'

I jumped and covered faster than a guy discovered jacking by his grandma. Ethan stood there grinning from ear to ear. My hardon was quickly turning soft. 'What are you doing?' I demanded.

'Just came over to see what you're doing,' he replied.

'Well, now you've seen. So go!'

Ethan ignored my embarrassment and said, 'Mind if I get a tan too?'

I have no brothers, so I had never seen a naked guy. My interest in Ethan's genitals overcame my shock and embarrassment. 'Okay.'

Ethan looked around for a place to put his clothes. He walked over to the picnic table under the awning and stripped naked. When he turned around, I had to stifle a laugh. His balls were small and his peepee was little boy size. Not a body hair on him. His grin went down a bit. 'Sorry,' I apologized. 'You'll grow.'

'Yeah.' His grin returned. He sat down in the lawn chair next to me. 'I hope you don't grow any more!'

This comment confused me. 'Why?'

'Cuz you won't be able to get it in your girl!' he exclaimed.

The image of me sticking my dick in a girl made my grin bigger than his. 'How big do you get?' I asked him.

'Watch,' he said. 'Let's see, Lilly Amistead.' Lilly is one grade above me and has wonderful curves.

'Yeah!' was all I could say. I felt my dick respond with enthusiasm.

'Lilly Amistead walking down the hall, her butt wiggling.' I felt my dick pump up harder at the image.

'Lilly Amistead playing volleyball, boob bouncing!' Ethan added.

My penis stood straight up and throbbed. Ethan looked over at me and grinned some more. 'Nice!' he said.

I looked at Ethan. His dick was rock hard and sticking up, but all of three inches long. On the plus side his was a little bit thicker than most little-boy dicks. 'Cool,' I said. I fought down an impulse to reach over and touch him.

Ethan nodded at my penis. 'You going to take care of that?' I gave him an incredulous look. 'You do know how to take care of that don't you?' I gave him a blank look. He looked surprised and said in a matter-of-fact tone, 'Okay, watch.'

He took his dick in between his finger and thumb and started stroking up and down. With his other hand, he formed fake lips and took them to his mouth. In between kissing his hand, he said things like, 'Oh, Jennifer!', 'Touch me, Jennifer!' and 'I love you Jennifer.' In a couple of minutes, he grunted and thrust his hips. 'That's how you screw an invisible girl!' he said with great satisfaction.

The throbbing in my penis was so intense, I had automatically grabbed it. With a mental shrug, I started stroking like Ethan.

'Kiss your hand!' he exclaimed, exasperated.

So I kissed my hand and told Jennifer how nice her butt was. I closed my eyes and imagined rubbing Jennifer's butt while stroking my dick. I felt something building up in my crotch. Suddenly, I exploded, shooting cum all over the place. Though I don't remember making any noise, Ethan said I grunted loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

We lay there in the sun and fell asleep. My mom woke us up when she got home. She didn't say anything, but she had to have noticed the dried cum on my chest.



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