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On a Cruise Ship

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This took place when I was 16. My best friend was 16 and his brother was 14.


My best friend throughout high school was named John. We knew each other a bit in middle school, but we really started to bond and become friends in high school. Bryan was John's younger brother, who in many ways was even cooler than John was. Bryan and I shared a lot in common and got along pretty well. John invited me on a cruise over summer break with his family. John's parents stayed in one stateroom and John, Bryan and I shared another room across the hall. The room had a tiny pullout couch and a queen sized bed. When we boarded the ship and made it to our room, my best friend John claimed the Pullout couch, meaning that Bryan and I were to share the queen size bed. That was fine. I had slept in a bed with another man many times before on field trips and sleepovers and such. Nothing gay; it's just sleeping. I was just surprised that my best friend was going to make me sleep with his younger brother. Sorta strange, but I was cool with it. We'd spend the time before bed talking about girls and turn ons and other typical guy stuff. But little did I know how the cruise would end...

The cruise was awesome! We all had so much fun spending time together, eating great food, and seeing decent entertainment. After a long day in the sun we would all head back to our room to get ready for dinner. As some may know, bathrooms on cruise ships are tiny. It made no sense to take the time to shower and change in the tight bathroom, especially when someone else was waiting to shower. So we just changed in the bedroom. I had changed and showered in locker rooms and at summer camps before, so changing in front of others was not new to me. But it definitely was for Bryan and John. John was 16, about 6 feet 1 and weighed 200. Bryan was 14, about 5'11', and weighed 160. I was 16, 6 feet, and weighed about 220. John and Bryan are both fiery redheads. They were pretty sheltered growing up, but were slowly being more and more exposed to the world. We came down from the top deck of the ships to our room, and I called first shower. I got in, got out, and made it snappy knowing that my friends were waiting. John goes in next. I am walking around in just a towel and Bryan is still in his swim trunks. I was searching for some boxers in my suitcase, and when I turned around I found my friend's younger brother naked and horny. Within seconds his limp dick beneath a small bush of fiery red hair started to spring up.

'What are you doing?' I asked.

'I need to relieve myself. I haven't gotten off all vacation.(nearly a week)' he answered.

I was standing there in my towel holding my boxers when he snatched my towel from around my waist. I knew that Bryan may have been able to see my cock when I changed into my clothes, but I had not planned on fully exhibiting myself in front of him.

'You little bitch!' I jokingly yelled as I tackled him. We wrestled on the bed and our cocks quickly became hard. I took note of how nice his dick was for a 14 year old. Only 3 soft, but an impressive 6 hard. I may have been bigger soft at 3.5, but my hardest only got up to 6.5(Both circumcised). While his brother John was finishing up in the shower, Bryan and I dry pounded away at our young adolescent cocks for a good 5-10 minutes. We both commented on how we hate lube(even tho we are both circumcised). Bryan also mentioned how long and thick my cock was. He asked If I had to wear Magnum condoms cause of my size. I replied that I had never used a condom before, but I doubted that my cock was anything special that would need a jumbo size condom. Haha. Maybe he was just complimenting me so he'd look cooler. We were getting closer and closer to cumming when finally cum spewed out of each of our penises. Mine landed on my left shoulder and Bryan's flew close to his neck. We cleaned up the best we could. Then we heard the water go off to the shower. I whispered to Bryan that we couldn't tell John what happened because it could make things awkward. The room reeked of hot boy juice. I ran to my bag, still naked, to spray some cologne to mask the sexy odor before John came out of the bathroom.

The door opened and Bryan and I looked a little suspicious. Our boners had gone down, but we were both naked in the bedroom. I used the excuse that I was still looking for clean underwear, and Bryan claimed that he was trying to keep the furniture dry from his wet bathing suit. After Bryan went into the bathroom, John dropped his towel and revealed a smaller cock than his younger brother. Two inches soft! Who knows what that baby dick is like hard?! Poor guy was probably intimidated a bit by my trouser monster. John and I never did anything together, but John's lil bro and I sure did.

I am now 20, 6'1', 220 pounds and have a 7 inch hard rod. Bryan and I still see each other when I go hang out with him and John, but to my knowledge our cruise experience is still a secret.

More male-male experiences to come...



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