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Some from Me, Camp, Friends Etc

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I like this site


I have a couple of wanking stories from me involving me and some friends.

1. Once on a scout camp we were all horny in our tent. Somehow we got talking about wanking and dicks and things. One of them decided to get his cock out which he did. it was huge! and it wasn't even erect! he was lying there on his back with his cock rolling about. The rest of us had serious hardons. Another friend who is really immature (mentally and physically) decided to play with his cock and try and 'find the hole' It was so hot I was bursting. He then pulled his pants down revealing a small pube-less cock. he wanked himself off but didn't cum, the other one lipped his cock away. Later when we went outside playing a game me and the one with the huge cock met up and wanked together. It was fun.

Another time on scout camp we made our own shelters out of leaves and such. It was late at night in our hide. We were all in sleepingbags except me cos I couldn't be bothered to get it. I woke up half way in the night and the friend next to me (the immature one from the story above) was vibrating. He was moving repeatedly and there was a slight pumping motion I could see through his bag. I got so horny then my boner was huge! there I was lying there with someone wanking besides me with a raging hard on. Then the vibrating stopped and he fumbled around. I asked him 'what are you doing?' and he replied 'just getting in position'

The next day I asked him whether he was wanking that night and he said yes. I mentioned the 'getting in position' thing and he said he was pulling his pants back up. How nice that must be to sleep in your own warm cum.

Another time me and a different friend were out cycling when it began to rain. It pissed down so hard when we got back to his house tons of water came out of our clothes. He asked if I wanted to borrow some clothes. I said yes. We went to his bedroom. No one else was home. He went in some drawers and brought out some trousers. I had a boner by now for some reason. I pulled down my trousers revealing my boner through my shorts. He was doing the same. I said

'sorry about the...' pointing at the boner. He said no problem and that he had one too. I said

'where's your toilet mate? I got to wank' He said it was down the hall but that I shouldn't worry. With that he pulled down his pants revealling his immature cock. It was thin with hardly any pubes. That turned me on more. I did the same revealing my fat cock with loads of pubes. I sat on his bed and began rubbing myself, he did the same. About half way into it he reached over and grabbed my cock. He started feeling around my balls and feeling my cock up and down. He started rubbing with his cold thin hands. It felt so good I came all over his hands and face. I then reached for his small cock. I felt his balls while doing this and felt his arse. He got up and leant forward showing me his arse. I didn't want to go that far so I just stuck my hand through and started rubbing his cock. He cummed all over his bed.

best time ever.



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