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Older Woman = First Time With a Woman!

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This is a bit long- but wanted to 'tell all'



It was nice to read masturbation from an older woman, seems most admitted masturbaters are younger! I am just 60 and have masturbated for years. I was never punished for it as young girl, but always worried about getting caught (no idea what would have happened - probably would have been embarrassed thinking about it for years!) I have enjoyed sex with men - including ex. - but my most powerful orgasms are when I masturbate. I think this is because intercourse does not stimulate the clitoris (or at least mine!)

One of the best masturbation sessions I had was when sharing a motel room with a woman friend. We had known each other for years but not sexually; and decided to go to beach and share a room. I noticed she was not concerned about being naked in front of me .I wrapped a towel around after a shower, and she walked naked to bed. We both have OK figures - but her breasts I noted were a bit larger and more firm than mine (envied that.)

On the first evening, after a shower, she was naked on her bed (I had sheet over me), then she totally surprised me by asking if I got horny when I was in motel rooms. I got a bit defensive as I thought maybe she had turned lesbian (not my thing, but I admit I like to see nicely built women naked.) I lied and told her 'not really' - I guess she suspected my thoughts and said she was not Lesbian - just curious if I had similar sexual feelings to hers. Notwithstanding our friendship, we'd never discussed sex, hence my guarded response. Thus I responded, rather awkwardly that, yes I did. She asked if I'd ever done it in front of a woman (I had not.) She said she never had, many times with men (me too!) but no women.

I decided to take the lead, and ask if she wanted to try - now (I had very suddenly started to get horny.) She responded 'yes, how do you want to start?'

I was not sure what she meant - so I pulled off the sheet (I was naked) and asked if she meant we look at each other. She said 'yeah - guess that would be a way, if we are going to do it, we may as well see how each other masturbates'

She turned slightly toward me, and put her hand down on her pussy- which I noted had a lot more hairs than mine (I shave a little). Watching her, I put my hand down, and, as usual I was wet (I get wet fast). She had her legs spread wide, whereas I tend to keep mine pretty close - I find I can squeeze stronger orgasms that way.

Within a few minutes she started to moan softly - then said 'wow- I coming!? And sighed hard as she came. This really turned me on, and in less than a minute, I got a really strong one- and let out my usual loud moan! It felt so damned good - especially looking at her body as I came!

After I got my breath back, I noticed she was looking at me and masturbating again She said 'I usually come at least 3 times when I am horny - that was just a start!' I admitted too that I usually had two..

I realized this was probably a one-time opportunity, I asked her if I could masturbate her. She stopped and looked at me 'Are you serious? I wanted to ask you, but was too embarrassed!'

I wasted no time getting to her bed, she opened her legs really wide, and I was surprised to see that she had a very large clit. I also had not noticed she had a towel under her - which was damp! It did not take me long to get her to orgasm- but, when she came, is sort of ran out of her, not gushing, but almost like she was peeing (she was not!) I was so astounded at feeling this, I hardly noticed how she was moaning as she came. I don't come much, I had heard of women who gush - so this was a total pleasant surprise for me! After she had finished I asked her if she always came this way (although it did not smell like pee, I still wondered). She said yes, which is why she put the towel on the bed! Of course this made me even more horny.

I asked her if she wanted another, but she told me she could not, right now anyway, and...did I want her to work on me! No need to ask! I turned on my back, and spread my legs! She knew exactly what to do, and thinking of how much she came, it did not take me long to orgasm. After I came, she very gently started stroking my clit, then moved her hands to my breasts (that felt so good!) Then back to my clit - this time I came really hard - and could not help myself from my usual loud moans!

After resting, and sleeping,-we decided to play more, and have done at our homes every since. I never thought I'd be able to orgasm with a woman! So far we have not done oral - but I am sure eventually we will get that far!



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