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The Long and Winding Road

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When one is liberated and as free as I am now, one sees emergent sexuality everywhere.


She is gone from me today. By arrangement, she has gone to arrange something special for me. I sit on the beach tingling with moist anticipation at what is to come. Although I know now to expect anything from her, I know without doubt that it will be thrilling beyond words.

I am not sure when I first noticed her. Certainly, at first, she was nothing more than another teenager playing in the surf. It was, perhaps the occasional movements that were more adult than childlike that attracted my attention. She swims out a little way and carefully treads water. For a moment, I think she is struggling, but then she swims on and I catch a brief glimpse of her naked bottom. She has taken her bikini bottoms off and is enjoying swimming at least partially naked in the warm tropical waters. I stare at her and begin to wonder about her. Is this merely a childish venture into rudeness, or something more sexual. She finds her feet on the soft sand and walks towards the shore. I am breathless in anticipation. Does she really intend to walk to shore naked?

When the water level reaches her waist, she stops and I see her tug her bikini bottoms back on. When, after an aching eternity she moves again, I follow her eye line to where her parents were sitting. They have gone now, and I see her smile. She reaches around herself and then leaves the waters. When she turns away from me, I notice that she has pulled her bikini bottom tight between the delectable cheeks of her bottom. The thong her parents will not allow her to buy? I am already wet, naturally. It is not desire for her but about her that is stimulating me so. I wonder how far she has progressed into her sexuality.

I stare at her as she takes another look around her and slips off her top. Her small breasts look almost non existent until she turns sideways to me. I can see she is breathing more deeply, and undoubtedly she too is aroused. I look to my left where the rocky cove meets the sea. It would be easy for me to find a secluded crevice and bring myself to climax, but somehow this would be wrong. It is her moment. That is when she moves. Taking her top with her in her hand she strides elegantly to the same outcrop and disappears from sight.

She is gone for about ten minutes before she re-emerges looking flushed. She replaces her top rather hurriedly and I notice that her parents are returning. Now I walk towards where she was. The place she had chosen is sheltered from both sun and wind; a little cave among the rocks. I breathe deeply and there is the unmistakable scent of her sex in the air. I look around and notice a few splashes on the bare rock. I trace a finger through it and bring it to my nose. It is quite unmistakable to me. She has masturbated here with the risk of imminent discovery adding to her climax. There is more urine than ejaculate, but it doesn't stop me licking her from my finger. Suddenly, the urge to be young, childlike, overtakes me. I squat down and I suck my thumb as I pee into my bikini. As I finish, I remember that I am forbidden to climax until later.


Sarah is late. It is past 8:00pm when I hear her voice outside. I am where I was ordered to be, naked on the bed with my hands clasped firmly in the handcuffs behind me. Sarah enters our cabin with a large muscular man. He hardly notices me as he starts to undress her. She stops him and says to me "Tell him, Helen, how you described first seeing me naked." I tell him of that first night which now seems to be an eternity ago. I tell him of her small pointed breasts and her hairless mound making her look like the most innocent of virgins. He smiles. She has chosen him well and he kisses her before asking if this is her first time. She nods and begs him not to hurt her.

He undresses her tenderly entering into her role play fully. As he is about to enter her he asks her age. When she replies "18" my mind returns to the beach. Somehow, I know that is her age too. As the tall stranger makes love to Sarah, I find myself almost at orgasm watching them and wishing that she was there too to watch. I spread my knees on the bed trying to get some stimulation to my clitoris that is crying out to be touched. Of course, Sarah notices and tells me to stop. How long do they make love? One, two hours? All I know is that when he leaves, he has taken her in every possible way. Sarah releases me and holds my face as she kisses me. She leads me, still manacled out from the cabin and to the beach.

We near her cabin too. Sarah leads me nearer too it, although she, of course, does not know of its significance. I love being naked outdoors at night. I love the total control she has over me. She may make love to me herself, she may give me to the first person she sees. We stand and kiss in the moonlight. I can smell his sex all over her. As her hand touches my breast I cry out. There is movement behind the shutters of the cabin and I see her face! She is staring at me as my lover kisses me. Sarah notices and looks right at her and smiles. She nods and beckons with her head; just the slightest flick of welcome. Then, I am lost as Sarah's hand tracks down my back. I am already teetering on the edge of orgasm.

A crack of light rapes the darkness as the cabin door opens. She walks forward silently closing the door. The three of us allow the darkness of the forest to swallow us. Sarah lays me down on the forest floor and we make love. I can taste him everywhere on her. When my lips touch her secret lips, she comes almost immediately sharing him with me in the fullest sense. We forget she is there. Our fingers, tongues and hands know no boundaries and Sarah explodes into ecstasy. As Sarah goes down on me, I look across. The girl has her hands in her panties and is rubbing furiously. Sarah asks her if she wishes to join us, but she declines. I knew she would. This is too far for her at the moment. Sarah instead asks her to take her panties off which she does. As Sarah's fingers probe deeply into my ass the girl comes softly at first and then violently enough to wrench a cry from her and a gush of fluid erupts from her. We let her calm down before I walk to her and kneel. I so desperately want to taste her. She covers her vagina with her hand but spreads her legs so I may taste her ejaculate.

We go our separate ways, and the next day, she and her family are gone.

The next day brings surprises after surprises. Sarah brings me to the most romantic part of the island and there, with the tropical sun melting into the sea, she kneels before me. I lift my skirt in anticipation, but she stops me. She takes my hands in hers and with tears of love rolling down her soft cheeks, she pledges herself to me with the gift of a ring.



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