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Older Sister Teaches Younger Sister

Posted by: Author: Age: 13 At The Time, 18 Now Posted on: 4 comments
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My sister and I had some really good times together and I'm glad we did everything we did cause it brought us closer together.


I was thirteen, My sixteen year old sister was in-between my legs rubbing my bare little pussy. It felt so good I didn't want her to stop but I needed to pee. She told me that I didn't and continued to rub my bare pussy and it was than I felt her finger going inside of me. I jumped at first but I knew my sister wouldn't hurt me and having her finger in me felt even better than her rubbing it.

When I said ouch she didn't push it any further and just let it sit inside of me for a minutes before she started pulling it back out then pushing it back in. I could feel every detail of her finger inside of me as I was that tight. It was at that point my breathing got heavier, my body started to tingle and shake, my bum lifted off the bed and my little pussy squeezed my sisters finger as I had my very first orgasm.

My sister smiled and once I calmed down she pulled her finger out of my and brought it to her mouth and sucked my wetness of her finger and she was like mmmmm taste good. I honestly thought it was gross she did that but it must not have been that bad if she tasted me and with that I reached down to my swollen little pussy wiped my finger in my wetness and brought it to my mouth and sucked on my finger and wow it actually tasted yummy.

My sister moved up beside me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and I said thanks for teaching me sis that was the best, I finally now knew what all the girls were talking about at school. Without her even asking I reached down and started rubbing her hairy pussy before she guided two of my fingers all the way inside of her. It felt slimy and just all round weird but it was good and I started moving my two fingers in and out.

As I fingered her she played with her hard nipples and it wasn't long till she had an orgasm of her own and wow did she get really wet when she had an orgasm. She left a wet patch on my bed sheets but I didn't care. After she calmed down I pulled my two fingers out of her and brought them to my mouth and sucked on them tasting my sisters wetness for the first time. Though she tasted a lot different to me.

She kissed me on the cheek again and said thanks and we lay there in each others arms before falling asleep. We woke up about an hour later ten minutes before our parents were due home. We got up and got dressed and headed downstairs to the lounge room and watch tv like nothing happened.

My sister and I after my first time having masturbated and having my very first orgasm would finger finger each other whenever we could but I ensure you all that read this that things went further meaning we started licking each other out and while my sister would finger me she would also finger my bumhole at the same time. That felt weird at first but it turned out to be an even better orgasm for us both.



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