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Oh-so-sweet Sixteen

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From a women's perspective...


It's your sixteenth birthday party and you're so excited; your best friend told you that she bought a very, very special gift for you. You just can't get her to tell you what it is, though, not even a hint. She just promises it'll be the best gift you've ever gotten- except you're not allowed to open it until everyone else has left. This makes you wonder if it's an inside joke, a gag gift. You just don't know, and you can't wait for it!

All day, you notice that your best friend keeps making a lot of sex jokes. You think that she must have just finished her period or something and hasn't had a chance to get off yet. When the end of the party rolls around, turns out your best friend, Emma, isn't the only one spending the night. Your other good friend, Abby, convinced her parents to let her stay over as well. You noticed that when Abby announced this news, Emma got a mischevious smile on her face.

After the three of you are in your pajamas and laying out on sleeping bags on your bedroom floor, you notice how long Emma's legs look in her little PJ shorties; they make a great deal of her 5'10' height. Her creamy-pale skin looks so soft, and her long blonde hair is brushed out. You spot the large perky nipples of her B cup breasts pushing out through the thin fabric of her tank top. And you know that in your over-heated house, it's not because she's cold.

You begin to look at Abby as well, and you see that, in contrast, Abby has a shorter, petite figure, but her large-C breasts are straining against the fabric of the T-shirt you lent her. And her dark olive skin and red-brown hair seems to glow from being in the sun so much.

Suddenly, you realize that, while they've been blabbering on about make-up products, you've been checking them out, and now you're extremely wet, again not because it's too hot.

That's when you say, 'Hey, Emma, how about that present you got me, then?' You hope it'll keep your mind off of your beautiful friends and your yearning pussy.

Emma's smile crosses the whole width of her face as she replies, 'You got it!' Then she hands you a small, slender, neatly wrapped package.

Enthusiastically, you tear apart the paper and reveal a box through the front of which you can see... a purple vibrator! Oh my gosh, that's totally not what you were expecting!

'Emma... Omigad! How did you get this?' You can feel your face blushing a deep red, even though you've never been so happy in your life.

'Umm, hello, ever heard of the internet' She retorts.


'Yup, I got one for myself,' She smiles again and pulls out a matching pink vibrator from her bag. 'Oh, and I didn't forget batteries!'

You catch the batteries she tosses you and open up the batteries and vibrator. Once it's set to run, you suddenly remember, Abby's sitting next to you, too.

You look up to see that Abby looks just as horny as you feel; she's biting her lip and staring wide-eyed at you with her hand kneeding her thigh a bit. You just smile back at her. Then you look at Emma.

'Well, what are you waiting for?' Emma says as she gets up and closes your bedroom door.

'Nothin' at all,' you say as you pull off our own PJ shorties and thong.

Emma kneels behind you and slowly lifts your shirt. Abby crawls toward you and you automatically spread your legs to reveal your slippery wet pussy. While Emma reaches around you and massages your breasts, Abby takes your new vibe from your hand and licks it slowly while keeping eye contect with you. Then she teases your clit with it on low setting.

You moan and whimper, moving your hips closer to Abby, hoping for more. Emma begins to kiss your neck and rub her hands all over your body. Finally, Abby turns up the power on the vibe to high and plunges it into your aching vagina. You moan again and turn your head, searching for Emma's soft, full lips. They lock with yours and you're making out. Abby begins slowly circling your clit with her fingertips and you can't help but start bucking your hips off the floor. You can't take it anymore and with a shudder you're cumming harder than you ever have before. Abby keeps pumping the vibrator in your pussy until your shivers subside and you lay back, breathing hard.

After you catch your breath, it's time to pay some attention to your friends' waiting pussies.

I hope you have a fun time with that!



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