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Extra-Curricular Activities.

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School showers could be such fun.

I was never the world's biggest fan of Physical Education at school, although I enjoyed hockey for some strange reason. Anyway, on this particular occasion my friend Ginny and I were asked to help put the sports equipment away so we were the last in to use the showers, which was fine by Ginny as she was a little self conscious of her body. She hated being skinny whereas I embraced my lumps and bumps and plump rump. So there we were, chatting through the steam, and the subject of boys came up. This led to talk of our experiences. I told her how I liked boys but also girls and she didn't run away screaming, oh no- she seemed curious. I sauntered over and said that she had a patch of soap on her back and offered to wash it off. She nodded and instead of reaching for her flannel I used my hand. I used my hand slowly. The soap had long gone down the plughole and still I caressed her. She arched her back which I interpreted as encouragement so I gently turned her to face me, planted a soft kiss on her mouth and let my fingers run lightly across her nipples. Such firm, perky little nipples they were, too...my mouth followed my fingers on their journey of exploration. I licked and sucked those pink buds as she gave soft moans and sighs of pleasure. Of course, by this point my hands had descended to her thighs. Ginny didn't need much persuading to part them for me and how I remember the sight of lush, warm girl-flesh, the scent of her and the TASTE...oh my good grief, the taste of her. My tongue was busy and she was so beautifully responsive. She came in waves, that one. She and I shared occasional showers for the rest of our school days. Good times.



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