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Obsessed With Balls

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I'm a small girl with B cup breasts and a small ass. I guess I was a late bloomer, but I was interested in guys when I was a lot younger for some reason. My father is a Bengali translator, who translates poems like The Mahabharata. Reading his poems is what gave me my first insights into sexuality. He didn't even know that I was reading his manuscripts, but I was.

I was reading one tale where a sage, making Indra grow vaginas all over his body, cursed Indra. Shiva spared him by having them close and open up as eyes, which is where he got the title 'The Thousand Eyed One'. In another tale, Shiva saw a great beauty when he was walking into the woods and started masturbating. When he was about to cum he couldn't let his seed go to waist, so he came on a leaf and told a bird to take it back to his wife. Of course, the bird got lost and was swallowed by a fish and Shiva's seed gave birth to a daughter who smelled like fish. Is that where girls smell like tuna comes from? Anyway, smelling like fish, his daughter couldn't keep a man, as they were all disgusted by her smell. Anyway, back to the point, this is how I began to learn at a very young age about sexuality.

So, at the age of five I began to play with my pussy. It felt very good, although I never got to orgasm, but I tried for a long time. It wasn't until I was 11 that I saw something that became an obsession with me. My younger brother was wearing wet swim shorts and he wouldn't take them off, so I tickled him until he was weak enough to be unable to stop me from pulling down his shorts. That's when I saw my first penis. It looked like a soft, dry worm with a peach walnut hanging below it. I thought his balls were the cutest things I'd ever seen.

Later, I saw my father's friend naked by accident. His backside was to me, but I could make out soft balls hanging between his legs. I was aroused and that image stuck into my mind forever.

That night I masturbated to dreams about balls. I mean, don't get me wrong, a good cock is very aesthetic to me and highly arousing, but a pair of balls on a man are the cutest, most arousing thing to me. Just thinking of the word balls just gets my pussy to tingle.

I heard of girls licking and sucking on guy's privates, so imagined licking balls. I concentrated on that image and the feeling that my swirling fingers made around my hard, tingling clit. It took a lot of work, I was breathing heavily and my arms were beginning to hurt, but I finally had my big 'O' in a body-jostling explosion. It was so fucking awesome that I had to do it again soon after.

Now I masturbate with my boyfriend. I love to watch him jerking on it, legs open and his balls bouncing just above his ass. Seeing this, I cum and cum and cum, soaking my pussy, ass and sheets with my own sweet juices.

I don't think I'll ever stop loving a good pair of balls. I'd like to see a guy covered with beautiful balls all over his body so I can call him 'The Thousand Balls Man'. To have all those balls brushing up against me would be awesome. LOL.



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