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Nursing a Bad Knee

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It was a cool December morning and I remember waking up with a raging hard-on. What was probably the normal morning missile I still wake up with most days quickly turned into something else as I thought about the latest hottie I had a crush on at school. When this story happened, I was 15-years-old and a sophomore in high school.
I love to prolong the act and make it last as long as I can. The orgasms always seem stronger that way. In this case, I kept going for a while but new I had to get moving -- today was not your ordinary day. I limped out of bed and made my way to the bathroom planning to finish my session in the shower.
Yeah, I said limped. Let me explain. Two week before any of this happened, I tore the cartilage in my left knee at wrestling practice. After visiting our school's athletic trainer and an orthopedic doctor, I was deemed to need orthoscopic surgery. It was scheduled for the morning of the day in question and I was late.
With the aid of a little shampoo my hand was easily sliding up and down the length of my shaft. I was getting closer to coming when a knock came at the door. My dad peeked his head in and told me to get moving or we would be late. Nothing ruins the moment like your dad barging in on you in the bathroom. I quickly rinsed off, threw on some clothes, made my way downstairs and to the car.
Arriving at the outpatient center where the surgery was to take place, I filled out the requisite paperwork and had to prove that I could use crutches – they didn't want to have to wheel or carry out me out of the place – and was told to have a seat in the waiting room. After ten or fifteen minutes, a brunette nurse in her early to mid 30s came out of the offices, called my name and asked me to follow her.
She escorted by to a small prep room with lockers and a gurney, typical of what you see on medical TV shows. The nurse laid a gown on the gurney and started toward the door. Just before leaving, she told me to get undressed and put on the gown.
Being a bit shy, I took off all of my clothes except my underwear placed my stuff in a locker and sat on the gurney. After a few minutes, the nurse returned and had me lay back on the gurney. She looked my leg over and told me that she was going shave and clean my leg for surgery.
At this point, she must have been able to see up my gown because she told me that I had to remove my underwear. I slid off the table, turned sideways to the nurse so that she couldn't see my ass through the open back of the gown and removed my underwear.
After putting my underwear in my locker, the nurse had me lay back down on the table. She took a small electric razor and started shaving my ankle and worked her way up my leg. As she did this she had me bend my leg so that she could get at the back of my leg. She must have again been able to see up my gown because she told me to use my hand and push my gown down so that I wouldn't expose myself.
For a guy who's only experiences having someone see his dick consisted of a bunch of guys in a locker room and a quick turn and cough at my annual school physical, I was really embarrassed.
I did as was told and she completed shaving my leg and then went on to disinfect it with some sort of orangey-brown antibacterial soap. Just as she was finishing, a knock came at the door. A younger nurse in her mid 20s came in and asked if we were ready.
The nurse who was prepping me said that she was just finishing up. Almost as an aside, she asked which doctor would be doing the surgery. The second nurse checked a chart and said that it would be Dr. Myer.
A bit exasperated, the older nurse said, 'You've got to be kidding me. I only did the one leg.'
She then looked at me and said, 'Sorry kid, but Dr. Myer requires that you be shaved from waste down.'
Barely having taken in what she said, the dark-haired, older nurse started in on my other leg. The younger nurse picked up razor and said she would help since we had to hurry. In one smooth motion, she lifted my gown, exposing me to both of them. I could have died.
With the electric razor with her right hand, she placed her left palm on my genitals so that they rested between my thighs. This allowed her to shave the pubic hair above my genitals.
When she touched me, it felt like an electric current had been sent through my body. At this point in my life I had not had a sexual experience with a girl aside from a couple of make-out sessions and I had absolutely no control over myself, if you know what I mean.
It was with the nurse's first touch that I felt things begin to stir between my legs. This couldn't be happening, I thought to myself.
She continued shaving the top of my pubic hair and would occasionally use her free hand to adjust cock to one side or the other. All the while, the vibration of the razor in that area was driving me crazy. Did this woman know what she was doing to me?
I fought it best I could, but as you might have guessed, over the next minute or two that she spent shaving me, my dick went from flaccid to rock hard. At this moment, I was cursing myself for getting myself so aroused that morning. If only I finished, if only I had finished, I repeated to myself. The young nurse now having to more forcefully push my hard-on down so that she could finish wasn't helping my cause.
She must have know how embarrassed I was because she looked me in the eye and told me not to worry. 'It happens all the time,' she said. 'It's natural. Really. Don't be embarrassed.'
Easy for her to say, I was getting harder and more turned-on by the second. In hindsight, I don't think I was as embarrassed about the two of them seeing me in such a state as I was worried about fighting off my orgasm.
Finishing the now clean-shaven area above my dick, the nurse pushed my hard-on forward so that she could start in on my balls. The vibration was unbelievable, like nothing I had ever felt before.
She grabbed my balls in her left hand and lifted them up. She used her right hand to shave the underside of my testicles. As she shaved me, her left forearm unintentionally rubbed back and forth against the ultra-sensitive underside of my cock.
I couldn't take it, and I knew it was a losing battle. At about this time, I felt it. You know the feeling. The one that let's you know that no matter what you do there's absolutely now way you can stop yourself from coming.
And with that, I exploded. But it wasn't like the other times I had gotten myself off. As I came, my cock pumped and pumped and I became lightheaded. Something about having the two women there, the nurse brushing against my cock and the vibration of the razors produced the most powerful orgasm of my life.
I shot most of my come onto my stomach and gown but also hit the nurse's forearm.
She wasn't looking at the head of my cock when I came so I think she felt the pulsing of my genitals and my warm come hit her forearm before she actually saw what happened. Or maybe it was the slight arch of my hips and the little moan that erupted from my lips that alerted her, but almost instantaneously, the nurse jumped backed, a surprised 'Whoa,' slipping from her lips.
She looked at the other nurse, who was at first surprised but then broke up laughing. 'Bet you did know you had that kind of effect on the patients, did you?,' the older nurse said to her collegue.
'Sorry, I didn't mean to-' was all I got out before the young nurse said, 'No, no need to apologize. I should have been more aware of what I was doing. It's okay. Really.'
Looking me over, my stomach and gown covered in come, she joked, 'you must have been storing that stuff up.' Both nurses laughed.
By this time, the older nurse had run some towels under warm water and brought them to the table.
'Let's get you cleaned up and ready. They're waiting for us.' The older nurse cleaned my stomach and the younger nurse who had brought this all on gently wiped off my still semi-hard cock.
'Nothing we can do about this,' She said glancing from my eyes to my cock. 'We have to go.'
With that, the two nurses got me into another gown and wheeled the gurney to the operating room. They wished me luck and left the room, which was filled with different nurses and the doctor, of course. The anesthesiologist stuck a need in my arm and I was out within seconds. I don't remember the operation, but I'm sure I had sweet dreams.



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